Why is my Kraken RGB not responding?

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My Kraken is not showing up in the NZXT CAM

Before moving forward, you will first need to make sure that the Kraken is seen in the NZXT CAM software or within Windows.  If the product is not visible within CAM and/or Windows, please check out our guide for CAM detection issues here:

My NZXT Device is not Recognized in CAM

If you have a Kraken 120 cooler, the Kraken may not appear in the NZXT CAM software unless connected to a dedicated NZXT RGB header found on an NZXT motherboard or a dedicated controller.  For more information on controlling the Kraken 120's RGB, please check out our guide here:

How do I control the RGB on my Kraken 120?

My Kraken is not responding to changes in NZXT CAM

This issue may be caused by other software installed on your PC trying to access the Kraken or due to a defect in the cooler.  It is fairly simple to detect either issue.  For detecting interference with other software, you can use the Process Explorer tool from Microsoft to check for all programs interfacing with USB devices such as your Kraken.  With the file downloaded, extract the program to your desktop and run the appropriate version of Process Explorer.

  • For 32-bit versions of Windows, run procexp
  • For 64-bit versions of Windows, run procexp64

Most PCs running Windows 10 or 11 will likely be the 64-bit version of Windows.  If you are unsure as to the version installed on your PC, you can press Windows+R to bring up the Run window and run msinfo32.  This will be listed as the System Type.



With Process Explorer running, press CTRL+SHIFT+F on your keyboard to bring up the search Window and type \Device\000000 into the Handle or DLL substring search box and click the Search button.  Over the next few seconds, the search will pull up any devices found to be accessing USB devices on your PC.  When the search is completed, the Search button will become active again.


Once the search completes, you should get a list of all detected software accessing USB devices including NZXT CAM.  Take note all of these programs and try disabling them from starting with the Windows software.  You can do this either from the options settings within the individual programs or by using the Startup section of the Task Manager in Windows.

With these programs disabled from startup, restart your PC and confirm if the issue is still occurring or if the issue has been resolved.  If you are able to control your Kraken's RGB again, try re-enabling each disabled program one at a time, restarting between each program being added until you find the offending program.

My Kraken RGB is still not responding in NZXT CAM

If after disabling all other detected programs the Kraken is still not responding in CAM, this could indicate an issue with the USB cable or the USB connection to the Motherboard.  If you are using any kind of USB Expansion, Splitter, or Hub within the PC it is recommend to connect the Kraken directly to the Motherboard's internal USB 2.0 header to confirm if the issue is with the Kraken itself or due to this device between the Kraken and the Motherboard.

If the Kraken is already connected directly to the Motherboard's Internal USB header, try testing an different header on the motherboard to check if the header itself may have faulted.

If the Kraken still does not detect, you may be able to check if the cable itself is the issue by connecting to an external USB port on the motherboard.

  • For Kraken M22, X42, X52, and X72 coolers, please connect a Mini USB (Mini-B) to USB Type-A cable from the USB port on the Kraken to any open USB Type-A port on your PC.
  • For Kraken X53, X63, and X73 coolers or the Kraken Z series, please connect a Micro USB (Micro-B) to USB Type-A cable from the USB port on the Kraken to any open USB Type-A port on your PC.

If your Kraken detects while connected to an alternative USB port, this can indicate an issue with the USB cable needing to be replaced.  In this situation please reach out to our Customer Support team.

My Kraken shows up in NZXT CAM, but the color is wrong

If your Kraken shows up in the NZXT CAM software and does respond to changes, however the colors or wrong this can indicate an issue with the LEDs on the Kraken failing.  This is easy to check by simply setting your Kraken to a few sample colors to see which LEDs may have failed.

  • Pure Colors
    • Red (#FF0000)
    • Green (#00FF00)
    • Blue (#0000FF)
  • Combined Colors
    • White (#FFFFFF)
    • Yellow (#FFFF00)
    • Cyan (#00FFFF)
    • Magenta (#FF00FF)

If you notice any distortions in these colors, this can indicate that a particular channel is failing on the Kraken and would require the cooler to be replaced.  For example, a failing Blue channel will cause White to appear as Yellow while a failing Green channel will cause White to appear as Magenta.

I've confirmed my Kraken is either failing or defective, what do I do next?

If after completing the above steps your Kraken is either failing, defective, or you require further assistance then please reach out to our Customer Support team for further assistance.  Please be sure to have the following information on hand, as this will be needed in the event that a Replacement Part or  RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) is necessary.

  • Proof of Purchase from an authorized reseller (receipt, invoice, or screenshot of the order confirmation page).
  • Your current shipping address including the following:
    • Your full name
    • Street Address 1
    • Street Address 2 (Apartment, Suit, Building, etc. if applicable)
    • City
    • State/Province
    • Country
    • Postal Code
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Kraken Serial Number (this is located on the end cap of the Kraken's radiator)

Please note:  If any of this information is missing, this can result in your RMA being delayed until provided.

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