T120 Series CPU Air Cooler FAQ

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Can I control the T120 Air Cooler through NZXT CAM?

The NZXT T120 Air Cooler is designed as a standalone cooler, meaning that out of the box the NZXT CAM software is not required.  Any cooling controls such as Fan Speed will instead be controlled directly through the motherboard UEFI/BIOS.

If you purchased the T120 RGB Air Cooler, you will have two options to connect the included F120 RGB fan's RGB connection:

Option 1 - Connecting directly to Motherboard 5V ARGB

If your motherboard supports 5V Addressable RGB (ARGB) and you do not wish to use the NZXT CAM software, it is recommended to use this option.

Start by connecting the included 200mm 5V ARGB (Female) to NZXT RGB (Male) Adapter to the RGB connection for the F120 RGB fan, then connect the 3-pin end to an open 5V ARGB header.

Once connected, start your PC and open your motherboard's RGB Control software to control the included fan as a generic ARGB device.

Note:  For some motherboards, you may need to manually set the number of LEDs for it to properly detect.  For the F120 RGB fan, this will be a total of 18 LEDs.

Option 2 - Connecting through an NZXT RGB Controller

If your motherboard does not support 5V Addressable RGB (ARGB) or you wish to control the RGB on the fans through NZXT CAM, you will instead need to connect the included F120 RGB fan to a compatible Generation 2 or newer NZXT RGB Controller.  These controllers include:

All you need to do is connect the F120 fan directly to an open RGB header on the controller and it will be automatically detected by the NZXT CAM software as a lighting device.

Does the T120 Air Cooler include thermal paste?

The T120 Air Cooler will include a 1 gram packet of NZXT thermal paste in the box.

What fan is included with the T120 Air Cooler?

Depending on the model of the T120 you purchase, you’ll receive one of two color matching fans for your cooler:

How many fans can I fit on the T120 Air Cooler?

All T120 Air Coolers support up to two (2) 120 mm cooling fans.  Each cooler will include an extra set of fan mounting clips in the box for installing an additional fan.

What CPU sockets is the T120 Air Cooler compatible with?

The T120 Air Cooler is designed to fit with the following CPU sockets:

  • Intel:  LGA 1700, 115X, & 1200 CPUs
  • AMD:  AM4 & AM5

What is the height of the T120 Air Cooler?

The T120 Air Cooler has a height of 159 mm from the CPU socket, making it compatible with all NZXT Mid-tower PC cases including the compact H5 Series all the way to the dual-chamber H9 Series.


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