NZXT Kraken Series - FAQ

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Where should I mount my Kraken’s radiator?

This will vary based on your choice of case, however there are a few factors that can help with picking the right mount for your system.

  • If your case supports top mounting compatible with your Kraken’s radiator, then for many builds this would be the optimal place to mount the radiator with the case fans mounted directly to the radiator with the open side (intake) facing the inside of the case.  This would be a push configuration with the Kraken acting as an exhaust.
  • If your case supports side mounting such as the NZXT H9 series, you can install the Kraken with the fans mounted directly to the radiator in either a push (exhaust) or pull (intake) configuration without issue, though you may want to consider how other fans are set up in the case when making this decision.
  • If your case supports front mounting such as with the NZXT H5 and H7 series cases, it would be recommended to mount the fans with the open (intake) side facing the outside of the case to act as an intake.  This is usually done by having the fans mounted so that they are closest to the outside of the case and may be mounted to a front fan bracket like those found in the mentioned cases.
  • It is not recommended to bottom-mount Kraken coolers with the pump in the cap.  This would include models such as the Kraken X and Z series, as well as the Kraken and Kraken Elite 240, 280, and 360 models.  This configuration can allow an air pocket to form within the pump itself and result in degraded performance as well as a shortened lifespan of the Kraken.

When mounting the radiator, should the tubes be at the top or bottom of the radiator?

This is one of the most debated questions when it comes to setting up any All-in-One Liquid cooler in a side or front mount configuration, with the answer being far more nuanced but coming down to personal preference.  For Kraken series coolers featuring the pump within the Cap and not in the Radiator, so long as the highest point in the radiator is higher than the cap in the case any configuration is fine.

I’m planning to upgrade from the Kraken X/Kraken Z to the newer Kraken or Kraken Elite, can I re-use my cables or fans?

Due to hardware updates with the Kraken and Kraken Elite coolers, the old cables will no longer be compatible with the newer Krakens.

For fans, if you are coming from an RGB Kraken X or Z cooler you will need to use an additional controller for RGB control.

Do I need to have CAM running at all times?

In order for the Kraken to run optimally, it is recommended to not close the NZXT CAM software.  If you are using any system infographic mode such as GPU or CPU temperature or have a dynamic pump curve set (Silent, Performance, or Custom), the CAM software must be running in order to provide the Kraken with updated information.

If the CAM software is closed or the connection is disrupted, the Kraken will no longer update its settings until the device is reset or CAM is re-launched.  In the event that the Kraken cannot connect to the CAM software, it will run in a safe default mode until the CAM software is detected.

Is the CAM software available for MacOS or Linux?  What about older versions of Windows such as 7 and 8?

At this time, the NZXT CAM software is exclusive to Windows 10 and newer operating systems.

How do I rotate the Kraken’s screen?

Note:  This only applies to the models with an integrated LCD screen such as the Kraken Z, the Kraken and Kraken Elite 240, 280, and 360 models.

If you’ve installed your Kraken and find that your screen is tilted, flipped, or otherwise not ideal you can adjust the screen in 30 degree increments through the CAM software.  All you need to do is go to the Lighting section and select the “LCD Display” option to expand its panel.  In the top right corner of the panel, you’ll find a Rotate Display link that will bring you to the Kraken Screen Rotation options.

What screen modes are available for my Kraken, Kraken Elite, or Kraken Z cooler?

Depending on the model of your Kraken, the integrated LCD screen will have a few effects that can be used to personalize your system.  Below you’ll find a chart highlighting the different options available:

  Kraken Z Kraken 240, 280, 360 Kraken Elite
Single Infographic Yes Yes Yes
Dual Infographic Yes Yes Yes
Yes Static Image Only
Infographic + Image No Static Image Only Yes
Carousel Yes Yes Yes
Clockface Yes Yes Yes
Audio Visualizer No No Yes
Web Integration
(Google Photos, Spotify Now Playing, etc.
Yes* Yes* Yes
* Spotify and Google Photos are limited to the Kraken Elite model.

My Kraken 120 does not show up in the NZXT CAM software, how do I control the RGB

The Kraken 120 will only appear in the CAM software if it is connected to an NZXT RGB Header such as those found on an NZXT N-series Motherboard or an NZXT RGB Controller.  If your Kraken 120 is instead connected to a 3-pin Addressable RGB Header (5V) using the included adapter to either the motherboard or a third-party RGB controller, you’ll instead need to use the control software included for that motherboard or controller.  For more information, please check out this article here:

NZXT Support - How do I control the RGB on my Kraken 120?

My Kraken 120 or Kraken M22 does not show up in the NZXT CAM software, how do I control the pump and fan?

The Kraken 120 and Kraken M22 coolers only feature RGB control through the CAM software in the Lighting section.  For Cooling control such as setting the pump and fan speeds, you’ll need to use either the motherboard BIOS or the motherboard’s control software to configure the pump and/or fan(s).

If your Kraken cooler is not detecting, we would recommend checking out the support article located here:

NZXT Support - My NZXT Device is not Recognized in CAM

If you have any other questions not covered in this FAQ, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team.

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