Installing the LGA 1700 Bracket

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This article will detail the process of installing your LGA 1700 bracket to your compatible motherboard and Kraken cooler. We will not cover the steps needed for fully installing your cooler, as the rest of these instructions are covered in your product manual. Below is an example of the LGA 1700 kit we would provide to our customers.


To install the bracket to your Kraken cooler, you will first need to remove the pre-installed Intel bracket. To do so, you would need to push on the bottom of the bracket and rotate it counterclockwise, as shown in the GIF below.


Once removed, you will then install the LGA 1700 bracket to the cooler. You can do this by pushing down on the bracket and then rotating the bracket clockwise, as shown in the GIF below. 


We recommend giving the bracket a wiggle to make sure it is locked into place on the cooler. Next, you will need to install the backplate. On every corner of the backplate is an adjustable mount for the bracket standoffs; make sure this is in the wider position, as shown in the photo below.


Then you will want to place the backplate on the rear of your motherboard through the holes behind your CPU, as shown below. 


Then you will want to flip your motherboard over; we recommend holding the backplate with one of your hands, so it doesn't fall out. From here, you will need to install the included standoffs to the holes highlighted in purple in the photo below.


Below is an example of what your standoffs will look like installed on the backplate.


From here, you will need to follow the rest of your instructions in your Kraken cooler manual to complete the installation of your cooler.

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