Level 13: Common Problems & Fixes

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A. Make Sure it was Powered Correctly

Double check to make sure that your PSU is turned on and that you've pressed the front power button.



B. Check Display Cables

If you plugged in your HDMI / Displayport cable into the wrong slot you will get no image. Make sure it is plugged into the GPU. The slots may have plastic in them if you missed that step.



C. Check Your Display

Make sure your display isn’t the source of the issue. Try plugging in your PC to a different monitor / TV to see.



D. Turn off Your PC

Before troubleshooting on the interior of your PC, make sure that the PSU is turned off and unplugged to avoid being shocked.



E. Check Your RAM

Ensure you installed it correctly by "tugging" the RAM twice. The RAM should not be loose.

Make sure that you properly seated your memory when you installed it. Try pulling on the RAM. If it comes loose, follow steps on page 12-15 to reinstall the RAM properly.



F. Check Your PSU Wires

Tug on the cables twice without pressing down on the plastic tongues. The cables should not come loose.

If you have a modular or semi-modular PSU, make sure that the wires in your power supply are not loose. They should not come out of the PSU easily.



G. Check That All the Cables Are Properly Plugged In

Tug on the cables twice without pressing down on the plastic tongues. The cables should not come loose.

Double check to make sure that all the cables are plugged into their correct ports and with the right orientation. Ensure all the cables are securely in their ports by pulling on them twice. If any fall out or become loose, retrace your steps on levels 8 and 9. The 24-pin cable, 8-pin CPU cable, and F_Panel cable are especially vital to your PC powering on.



H. Contact Customer Support

Once you’ve exhausted all other avenues, try your support options. Watch the videos to see if you missed any steps, go online and ask through live chat, or call customer support so that they can help you over the phone.




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