Level 2: Installing the Processor

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Take Care on This Step!

Do NOT touch the pins! The pins of the CPU or motherboard are easily bent, and if they get damaged, they may not work properly anymore.

The CPU is the most fragile part of your build. Make absolutely certain you do not touch or bend the gold pins on either the CPU (AMD®) or the CPU socket situated on the motherboard (Intel®). When handling the CPU, be careful and hold it by its sides.



Identifying an AMD® CPU or Intel® CPU

Your CPU box will either say AMD® or Intel® on it. This is important as the instructions are different for both. Keep an eye out in this guide for these colored boxes labeled "AMD®" and “Intel®”. They will indicate what steps to take for your build.



Locate the CPU Socket

Your CPU socket will look different depending on your CPU type.

The upper-middle area of the motherboard will have a rectangular or square socket for your CPU with a metal retention arm. If lost or if you are unsure, you can always refer to the motherboard manual for additional help.



Inspect the Pins

When handling the CPU, hold it by its sides. Without touching any gold areas, visually inspect the CPU pins to make sure none of them are bent. With an AMD® CPU, pins are located directly on the CPU itself, and with an Intel® CPU, pins are located on the socket instead. If the CPU pins came bent, please contact customer support.




A. Open the Socket

Unlatch the CPU socket by pressing on the metal retention arm and bringing it up all the way.



B. Identify the Corner Marker

Hold the CPU by the sides. Do NOT touch the gold pins. Identify the corner of the CPU that has the arrow.



C. Place the CPU

Align the marked corner (dot or triangle) on the CPU with the marked corner of the socket. Do not force or move. Place gently.



D. Close the Socket

Pull down and latch the metal retention arm onto the socket.


Intel® CPU


A. Open the Socket

Open the CPU bracket on your motherboard by pushing on the metal retention arm. Do not remove black cover.



B. Place the CPU

Align the arrows on the CPU and the socket. Do not force. Place the CPU down gently, taking care not to move it once seated.



C. Close the Socket

Pull down and latch the metal retention arm onto the socket.



D. CPU Cover Pops Off

The plastic CPU cover should come off itself once the bracket is closed. Do not discard this cover in case you need to return or exchange it.




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