Level 5: Moving the Build into the PC

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Discovery of the H510

We’ve reached a milestone! The next step of the adventure will be moving your build into your H510 case (marked G). Take the H510 out from its packaging, and have the motherboard on standby for the next step.



A. Unscrew the Glass Paneling

The thumb-screw holding the glass panel is captive, meaning it won't come completely off the tab. Turn the screw until it wobbles in place.



B. Unclip the Glass Panel

On the rear of the PC (where the panel was unscrewed) is a metal pull tab. Bracing the glass with one hand, pull on this tab. This may require some force.



C. Remove the Glass Panel

Use both hands when handling glass paneling.

Holding the glass, gently pull the top of the panel towards you, and then lift the panel upwards and out of the way.



D. Put the Panel Away Gently

The panel is fragile glass, so be sure to place the panel down gently in a safe place where it will not be damaged.



E. Unscrew the Rear Paneling

Unscrew the captive screws holding the rear panel in place, located at the back of the case.



F. Remove the Rear Panel

Remove the rear panel from the PC. In one of the compartments you will find an included box of parts necessary to continue building your PC.



G. Identify the Contents of the Box

This box contains many screws and tools that will help you during the build. Not every part will be used, as some were provided as extras. Take note of the “6-32 screw flat” and “kb 5*10 screw” bags, as well as the zip ties and the audio splitter.



H. Place the PC

Now is a good time to place the PC on its side. Place it down gently, with the open interior facing upwards.



I. Identify the IO Shield

If pre-attached, skip to step L below.

A metallic IO shield will be provided with your motherboard. In many cases it may be pre-attached to the motherboard already, though often it is provided as a separate piece.



J. Insert the IO Shield

If your IO shield was provided separately, put the metallic IO shield into the rectangular opening in the back of the PC, shiny side facing inwards.



K. Fit the IO Shield

Caution: Some of the metal edges are sharp.

Match the orientation of the IO cutouts to your motherboard. Press firmly on all 4 corners of the IO shield until it “pops” in. Don't be afraid to bend the metal to better fit the ports.



L. Place the Motherboard

Place your motherboard into the PC case angled toward the IO shield. Align the ports on the motherboard with the holes of the rear IO so that they fit together.



M. Find 6-32 Screw Flat Baggie

In the white NZXT box, find the baggie of 6-32 flat screws. Inside you'll find many screws with a rounded top.



N. Secure the Motherboard

Align the metal standoff in the case with the middle screw hole on the motherboard.

Align your motherboard with the middle standoff in the case — the screw holes of the motherboard should align with those inside the case. Using the PH2 bit, fasten the motherboard to the inside of the case using the round 6-32 flat screws found in the white box on step G. Depending on your board, some screw holes may not be used.




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