Level 4A: Installing the AIO Cooler

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A Crossroad! 

You have arrived at a crossroads. Before continuing on through the next steps, check the packaging labels to see whether you have an AIO cooler (marked E) or an air cooler (marked F). If you have an AIO cooler, continue reading. If you have an air cooler, skip this level and continue to Level 4B.


Video Walkthrough



Skip to Level 4B if you have an Air Cooler (F).


Intel® CPU


A. Identify the Parts That Will be Used

Important! AMD® motherboards come preconfigured with a compatible backplate. Skip to Level 5 if you have an AMD® CPU.

Not all of the Kraken 120 components will be used for your build. Depending on whether your CPU is AMD® or Intel®, you will be using different parts in the installation. For now, take out the backplate, 4 standoffs, and 4 thumb-nuts.



B. Orient the Backplate to the Vertical Position

This is a universal backplate - find which holes match your CPU and fit your motherboard. Make sure the back plate is properly (vertically) oriented before doing so.



C. Peel the Plastic

Remove any plastic coverings on the backplate.



D. Insert the Backplate

Align the nubs of the backplate to the holes of the motherboard, pads facing the board, and with the backplate vertically oriented.



E. Install the Standoffs

Holding the backplate in place, screw four standoffs into the holes surrounding the CPU socket.



F. Screw On the Thumb-nuts

To temporarily secure the backplate to the motherboard, screw the thumb-nuts with springs onto the standoffs. Leave the other cooler parts untouched, we will resume installing them at a later stage of the building process. 


You Will Resume Installing This Cooler at a Later Stage in the Build

Keep track of and safely store away all provided screws and materials that have not yet been used.



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