Extended Warranty for NZXT Gaming PCs FAQ

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What is an Extended Warranty?

During the checkout for your PC, you may notice an option to add an Extended Warranty to your PC purchase.  This option adds on to the standard warranty included with your BLD PC and activates once our standard manufacturer's warranty has expired.

All NZXT Gaming PCs include a two-year limited warranty covering any issues of defect with the PC.  Our extended warranty options allow you to add up to an additional 4 years of protection to your purchase.

Who is responsible for my warranty under the Extended Warranty?

All Extended Warranties are handled through our third-party warranty partner, Extend.  For more information, please see the pages linked below:

How is this Extended Warranty different from the standard limited warranty?

When you add a protection plan through Extend, your system gains an extra level of protection once our limited warranty comes to an end.  This warranty not only protects your PC from issues of defect, but also mechanical and electrical issues, normal wear and tear, and failures brought on by a power surge once the standard limited warranty has expired.

What is covered under the Extended Warranty?

The Extended Warranty not only protects your system from issues of defect, but also any mechanical or electrical issues caused by regular wear and tear over time.  This protection also includes issues caused by power surges.

Please note, the Extended Warranty does not cover issues caused by abuse or misuse of your system, accidents, or acts of nature.  For more information, please check out the plan details listed here.

Are there any limitations to the Extended Warranty?

For any repairs to your system, you can continue to get a device repaired until the repair costs have exceeded the product's retail price.  For complete replacements, you can only have your system replaced once.

The Extended Warranty is not and ADH Coverage plan and does not cover issues caused by abuse, misuse, accidents, or acts of nature (i.e. flooding, fire, etc.).

For more information, please check out the plan details listed here.

When can I purchase the Extended Warranty for my PC?

All Extended Warranty plans can only be purchased at checkout during the purchase of a Prebuilt or Custom Gaming PC.

Can I purchase the Extended Warranty after I buy my system?

At this time, only customers who have purchased a prebuilt system (i.e. Player: OnePlayer: Two, etc.) and are within 120 days from their purchase date can purchase an Extended Warranty after the initial checkout.  Extended Warranty plans for Custom PCs must be purchased at the time of checkout and cannot be purchased after the initial checkout at this time.

To request to purchase an Extended Warranty within the qualified time listed above, please reach out to our Customer Support team.

Do I need to pay a deductible for any repairs or replacements?

While this is a common trend with many Extended Warranty services and protection plans, Extend does not charge a deductible for any in-warranty repairs.

Will my product be repaired or replaced under an Extended Warranty claim?

Claim resolution will depend on the particular issue you are experiencing with your system and the judgment of the RMA team/technician.  Because this is a case-by-case process, we are unable to provide a blanket answer for all resolutions.

Can I cancel my Extended Warranty?

Absolutely!  You may request to cancel this plan for any reason within the first sixty (60) days of the purchase date if no claim has been filed under your plan.

To request a cancellation, please reach out to our Customer Support team with your BLD Order# for further assistance.

How do I make a claim under my Extended Warranty?

To file a claim under your Extended Warranty, please reach out to Extend directly using the Claim Portal or reach out via phone to their Customer Care team at 1-877-248-7707.

When reaching out to file a claim, have your Contract ID or email address ready as this will be required to complete the claim process.

Where is my Contract ID?

Once you purchase an Extended Warranty, you'll be sent an email directly by Extend that will include the details for your plan.  This email will include the following information:

  • Contract ID
  • Warranty Information
  • Term Length
  • Coverage Dates
  • Product Information

If you have not received this email, please reach out to our Customer Support team for further assistance.

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