My NZXT product is not recognized on Windows 11

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With the release of Windows 11 to the public, NZXT has been made aware of some issues with our product and Windows 11. As with any large software change, there is a chance issues with CAM or NZXT hardware can come up. We’ve been proactively testing our entire hardware lineup, both historical and also current, to check for any issues.

To be transparent, we have found Windows 11 does not recognize the E650 Power Supply or Smart Device 1 at the device level. These two products are not recognized in Windows, however, please note that these devices will properly function through firmware. They simply may not be recognized in Windows and thus may not display in CAM for configuration, though they will support running your system otherwise.

We will continue to test and work with our teams on resolving the issues above.

If you run into any issues, please head to our Feedback and Bug Report board to make a report. This can be accessed here.

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