Why is my NZXT CAM blurry, and how can I fix it?

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While using the NZXT CAM software, you may run into an issue where text rendered on your screen may appear blurry.

This can be incredibly jarring, if not outright frustrating to see when trying to check your system’s performance or adjust your fan and lighting settings.  Thankfully, this issue is fairly easy to fix with a few tweaks to your system’s settings.

In particular, the issue appears to be tied to the Anti-aliasing settings for your system’s GPU that helps remove jagged, pixelated edges on objects and render them smoothly.  In this case however, it’s becoming a little too smoothIn particular, this issue appears to be isolated specifically to FXAA on Nvidia GPUs.

How to disable FXAA in the Nvidia Control Panel

To fix this blurring issue, first start by closing the NZXT CAM program by right-clicking the CAM icon in your task tray and selecting Exit NZXT CAM.


Once the program is closed, right-click your desktop and choose the NVIDIA Control Panel option.  If this is not present, you may be able to find it by right-clicking the green NVIDIA Control Panel/Geforce Experience icon located in your Task Tray and selecting NVIDIA Control Panel.

On the left sidebar, make sure that the 3D Settings category is expanded and select the Manage 3D settings option.  From here, open the Program Settings tab and select the NZXT CAM program from the dropdown menu.


If NZXT CAM is not available as a selection, click the Add button next to the dropdown menu and select NZXT CAM from the list as shown below.


With NZXT CAM selected, find the option titled Antialiasing - FXAA and change the setting to Off, then click the Apply button to save the settings.

Finally, launch the NZXT CAM software again and the blur should be removed.


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