Why was my order canceled?

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We here at NZXT value the security and the safety of our customers highly, and have taken certain measures to protect customers from unapproved transactions.

When our system identifies key pieces of information that indicate an unauthorized transaction, it will automatically cancel the order. An automatic message will be sent that will indicate the transaction has been voided.

When a transaction is voided, it can take up to 3 business days for the pending transaction to be removed from your form of payment. If your payment was fully captured and is no longer pending, it can take up to 2-10 business days for this to be refunded to your original form of payment.

Our system checks for certain information to validate your transaction, below you can find common reasons a cancellation could occur.

  • You are connected from an unsecured network or from a VPN

    • The reason we check this is because someone who has potentially stolen your data could be trying to mask their location.
    • Unsecured networks as well leave you open to attack when providing information such as your credit/debit card
  • Inaccurate Information

    • This can be a billing and shipping address not matching or being an excessive distance away from each other.
    • Incorrect Billing Information, such as an incorrect postal code or city, etc.
    • Incorrectly spelled words occurring often can sometimes indicate a potentially unauthorized transaction
  • Your bank canceled the transaction

    • This can be caused by a lack of funds or by a customer going over the allotted maximum amount of money they can spend on their credit/debit card in a day.

If your order was mistakenly canceled, here are some tips that can ensure your transaction is approved upon re-ordering.

  • Use your old billing address

    • In many cases, customers have recently moved to a new address and may have forgotten to inform their bank/lender of the change.
    • Even if you have made a change, keep in mind that most banks can take up to 90 days to update your billing address.
  • Use other payment options

    • NZXT offers many other payment options that have additional validation tools integrated into their services that give you more protection.
    • PayPal when linked with a bank account does not charge any additional fees for purchases. Linked credit cards/debit cards can have fees up to a certain amount.
    • Affirm verifies your identity for the loan they would provide to you via your social security number and other identifying information.
    • Amazon also verifies the accuracy of your information through past transactions on your Amazon account.
  • Make sure all your information is accurate.

    • In many cases, some customers just get too excited and could be entering any piece of information incorrectly.
    • Take it slow when you put this information on our site.
  • Contact your bank/lender

    • Verify that you have the appropriate amount of funds available in your account.
    • Make sure that you have the ability to spend the appropriate amount of funds in a single day/transaction.

If you have any questions or are in need of additional assistance, please contact our customer service team.

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