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The NZXT H1 case is one of our most recent additions to the H-Series lineup, offering a highly compact approach to your newest Small Form Factor builds. Here we will address some commonly asked questions about the H1 to make your jump into Small Form Factor builds as easy as possible. If your question is not answered on this FAQ, feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Team for assistance.

Is the 140mm AIO included with the NZXT H1 controlled by NZXT's CAM software?

The AIO that we have included is not a CAM-powered product. Control of the cooler is done via your motherboard BIOS. The 4 PIN PWM connector from the included 140mm AER P Static Pressure fan would be connected to your CPU_FAN and the 3 PIN Pump Tach would be connected to an SYS_FAN connector. To adjust speeds, you would need to enter your motherboard's BIOS to adjust the fan curves for these connections.

Does the included 140mm AIO need maintenance?

Our 140mm AIO does not need any maintenance, its low dissipation design helps it retain coolant within the closed-loop for an extended period of time. Refilling it is not needed. We recommend you keep up on general cleaning of your system to prevent any dust build-up that can impede airflow to your cooler.

Would the 650W PSU included with the NZXT H1 be controllable by NZXT's CAM software?

The H1 650W PSU is not a CAM-powered product, so it would not be visible or controllable within our CAM software.

Is the 650W PSU powerful enough for the new 30 series lineup of GPUs from NVIDIA?

Nvidia recommends the following power supply wattages:

RTX 3090 : 750W

RTX 3080 / 3080 Ti : 750W

RTX 3070 / 3070 Ti: 650W

Note: Nvidia's recommended power supply wattages are based on a PC configured with an Intel Core i9-10900K processor. 

We have many customers who do use an RTX 3080 with our NZXT H1, this is due mainly in part to their other components having a lower power draw than what Nvidia has calculated. We recommend you determine your total power draw with a Power Supply Calculator so you can verify if your planned system is compatible.

Will NZXT be offering a higher wattage variant of the H1 in the future?

We do not have any announced plans for this at this time. For updates on any future NZXT products, please sign up for our newsletter on 

Can the included PSU be swapped with 3rd party SFX-L power supplies?

Yes, this is possible, but only if the PSU is a specific set of dimensions. 125mm (L) x 125mm (W) x 63.5mm (H) would be the supported size for any other Small Form Factor PSUs. 

Would it be possible to add more SATA connections to this PSU?

While this is possible, due to the design of this case, and depending on your build, there may not be any space for additional cable routing or mounting of more 2.5-inch storage devices.

What generation is the included riser cable?

The included riser cable is PCIe Gen 3.0.

Is my PCIe Gen 4.0 motherboard and GPU still compatible with the H1?

These components would still be compatible with a minor tweak to your BIOS settings. For most motherboards, this is done automatically. If you don't get a display from your GPU, you need to change your PCIe slot speed within the BIOS to PCIe Gen 3.0 manually. This can be done for most Intel builds, as most Intel CPUs have integrated graphics that will allow you to access your BIOS without a GPU. For AMD builds, you would need to use a PCIe Gen 3.0 GPU to access the BIOS to make this adjustment if your AMD CPU lacks integrated graphics.

Does NZXT plan on offering a PCIe Gen 4.0 riser cable?

We do not have any announced plans for this at this time. For updates on any future NZXT products, please sign up for our newsletter on 

If I wanted to replace the included PCIe Gen 3.0 riser cable, how long would it need to be?

The total length of the riser cable from end to end is 254mm.

Why are there two different listed sizes for GPU fitment? What size GPUs can I fit into the H1?

Depending on some of the dimensions of your GPU, there can be problems with clearance within the H1 case. These dimensions are the following:

Dimensions - 305mm (L) x 128mm (W) OR 265mm (L) x 145mm (W)

Thickness/Depth - Up to 2.5 slots (50mm)

A GPU that does not fall within these requirements may still be able to fit, but this may require the air filter to be removed or for modifications to be made to the chassis. We would not recommend removing your air filter as dust buildup within your GPU can be difficult to clean. Additionally, any modifications to the NZXT H1 can void your warranty. 

Would it be possible to use an air cooler instead of an AIO? 

Yes, this is possible but is untested by NZXT so compatibility may vary. We believe with just a fan in the AIO mounting bracket, most Small Form Factor CPU air coolers will fit. This is not guaranteed entirely as this case is designed for supporting the 140mm AIO included in the H1.

Are the front and rear panels interchangeable?

These panels are not interchangeable as there is a different mounting system for front and rear panels.

Will NZXT offer a front mesh panel for the NZXT H1?

We do not have any announced plans for this at this time. For updates on any future NZXT products, please sign up for our newsletter on 

Is it possible to add RGB lighting to the NZXT H1?

Under the front panel, there is space for some LED strips. These would need to be powered by your motherboard, as there is not enough space in the H1 to reasonably fit our NZXT RGB & Fan Controller.

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