NZXT H1 (2019) Series FAQ

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This article covers FAQs regarding the original NZXT H1 case released in 2019.  If you are looking for information on the newer H1 case, please check out the following guide:

NZXT H1 Series (V2) - FAQ

Is the included 140mm AIO controllable through NZXT CAM?

Why does the AIO in my H1 (2019) now show up in CAM?

The 140mm AIO included with the H1 (2019) is not a CAM-powered product, so it will not be able to appear in the NZXT CAM software.  Instead, the AIO pump and its included fan will connect directly to your motherboard using the following connections:

  • AIO Pump = 3-pin DC Fan Connector
  • 140mm NZXT Aer P Static Pressure Fan = 4-pin PWM Fan Connector

Once connected, these devices can be controlled through the motherboard UEFI/BIOS or motherboard control software (if available).

What is the recommended pump and fan speed for the H1 (2019)?

While there is no catch-all answer for this question, it is generally recommended to leave the Pump at the motherboard's default speeds.  For fans, you can set a curve based on your system temperature to help reduce system noise.

Do I need to refill or drain the included 140mm AIO?  What maintenance is needed for the AIO cooler?

As the included 140mm AIO is a closed loop cooler, it is not designed to be dismantled, drained.  Thanks to its low dissipation design, the included AIO can be used for many years without the need to refill the unit.

For maintenance, it is recommended to clean your system as a whole every 30 to 60 days, with users in dry or arid climate or with pets being recommended to dust and clean the PC every 30 days.

Is the 140mm AIO from the H1 V2 compatible with the H1 (2019)?

The 140mm AIO included with the H1 V2 is not compatible with the H1 (2019).

Can I use an air cooler instead of the included AIO?

While it is possible to install certain low-profile air coolers within the H1 (2019), the system was designed with the 140mm AIO in mind.

Because this is an unsupported configuration of the H1 (2019), we would not be able to provide recommendations or compatibility support for alternative coolers being used with the H1 (2019).

Can I control the included 650W Power Supply with the NZXT CAM software?

The NZXT S650, 650W Power Supply included with the H1 (2019) is not a CAM-powered product and will not be visible nor controllable in the CAM software.

Is the included 650W Power Supply powerful enough for newer, high performance GPUs such as the RTX 30 or 40 series from NVIDIA?

Due to the higher power draw of these newer GPUs such as the RTX 3080, 3090, and various 40 series cards, not all cards are going to be compatible with the H1 (2019) out of the box.

It is recommended to refer to the Power Supply recommendations provided directly by Nvidia prior to building in the H1 (2019).

Can I upgrade or replace the included 650W Power Supply to support newer hardware?

The H1 (2019) is designed for use with standard SFX-L form factor power supplies with maximum of the following dimensions:

  • Length:  125mm
  • Width:  125mm
  • Height:  63.5mm

Larger power supplies may not properly fit within the H1 (2019) chassis.

The H1 (2019) is not compatible with standard ATX Power Supplies.  While some users have reported success with installing standard SFX Power Supplies, these may require the use of spacers or standoffs due to the layout differences between SFX and SFX-L standards.

Is the 750W Power Supply included with the H1 V2 compatible with the H1 (2019)?

The 750W SFX Power Supply included with the H1 V2 is not compatible with the H1 (2019).

Is it possible to add more SATA power connections to the included 650W PSU?

While it is possible to add additional SATA power connections to the PSU, due to the limited size in the case we only include a single SATA power cable out of the box with to support the two 2.5" SATA SSD trays.

Due to extremely limited inventory, NZXT does not offer or sell additional SATA power connectors at this time for requests outside of warranty.

What PCIe Generation is supported by the included riser cable?

The included riser cable for the H1 (2019) is a PCIe Generation 3 x16 Cable.  This cable is both backwards and forwards compatible with other generation PCIe x16 slots, however it will be limited to PCIe Generation 3 speeds.

Is the included riser cable compatible with PCIe Generation 4.0 motherboards?

The included riser cable should be backwards compatible with most PCIe Generation 4.0 x16 slots, however there are known compatibility issues when connecting a Generation 4.0 device to a Gen 4.0 Generation 4.0 slot using the included cable cable.

If you experience instability, crashes, or detection issues please be sure to check your BIOS and confirm that the slot on the motherboard is set to PCIe Gen 3.0 mode and not PCIe Gen 4.0 or Auto mode.

Does NZXT offer a PCIe Gen 4.0 Riser Cable for the H1 (2019)?  Is the Gen 4.0 Cable included with the H1 V2 Compatible with the H1 (2019?

Unfortunately we do not offer a Generation 4.0 compatible PCIe cable for the H1 (2019) at this time.

The Generation 4.0 cable included with the H1 V2 is not compatible with the older H1 (2019).

Can I use a third-party PCIe Gen 4.0 cable with my H1 (2019)?

You can use a third part PCIe Gen 4.0 cable with the H1 (2019).  The recommended length for a replacement riser cable is at least 254mm.

Why are there two different sizes listed for GPU fitment on the H1 (2019)?  What is the maximum GPU size that will fit with the H1 (2019)?

Due to the size of the H1 (2019), we provide two different measurements for the size of GPU that will properly fit within the H1 (2019) case.  In particular, the GPU must fall within the following measurements:

  • 305mm (Length) x 128mm (Width) OR 265mm (Length) x 145mm (Width)
  • Up to 2.5 slots, or 50mm Thickness

Longer cards up to 305mm can fit without issue, but must be no wider than 128mm.  For wider cards up to 145mm in width, only shorter cards up to 265mm in length will properly fit.

While you may be able to fit a larger GPU in the case, this will require physical modification of the case which is not covered under the NZXT product warranty.

Does the H1 (2019) include support for NZXT RGB?  Can I add RGB lighting to my H1 (2019)?

Out of the box, the H1 (2019) does not include support for NZXT RGB products.  If you are looking to add RGB lighting strips to this case, there is space within the case to allow for easy mounting of strips.

Due to the compact size of the case, it is recommended to use standard 12V RGB or 5V Addressable RGB (ARGB) strips within the case, as there may not be enough room for an NZXT RGB Controller.

Are the front and rear panels of the H1 (2019) interchangeable?

The front and rear panels of the H1 (2019) are not interchangeable without modification and may not properly seal to the case.

Does NZXT offer a mesh front panel for the H1 (2019)?

At this time, NZXT does not offer a first-party front mesh panel for the H1 (2019).  If you are looking for a more open front panel replacement, many members of our community do offer modified panels for use with the H1 (2019).

Please note, due to these being manufactured by a third party NZXT is not able to offer recommendations or support for third-party modifications.


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