Replacing PCIe riser in H1 Case

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Replacing your PCIe riser is extremely easy and only takes about 10-15 minutes on average. To replace this part, you will need the following tools.

- A Philips screwdriver (Phillips #1 and Phillips #2)

Note: At this time, there are two versions of our PCIe Riser. The Version 1 Riser is unsafe for use in our H1 due to an issue with its design. This safety issue is addressed on our site at this link. The Version 2 Riser has additional grounding on the PCB for the screw holes to prevent any electrical failure. These two versions are pictured below

Update (4/26/21): You may receive a variant of the riser cable that might look a bit different than the first version 2 riser cable. There can be two different Version 2 riser cables because we have two different factories producing this replacement part. This is so we can meet the demand for the replacement riser cable for our customers.




To replace the PCIe riser, you will first need to remove all panels on the case. You will remove the front panel, rear panel, and top panels. 



Once the panels are removed, you will need to disconnect the PCIe power cable(s) connected to your GPU. You will then need to remove the two thumbscrews for the GPU on the expansion slot located under the PC.


Then after this, you will need to remove the GPU, you can do this by pushing down on the white clip located on the side of the PCIe riser slot as pictured below.


After the GPU has been removed, you will need to loosen the two screws shown in the photo below. Then you will be able to remove the PCIe riser from its mount on the case. If you received and installed the Nylon Screw Kit, you will need to hold the nut otherwise the Nylon Screw will spin in place.


You will also need to unclip the PCIe riser from the motherboard by pushing the clip pictured below.


Once removed from the motherboard, you will then be able to install a new PCIe riser. This can be done by reversing the steps above. 

If you are having problems or have questions about this process, please reach out to our customer service team at

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