Removing your NZXT H1 PSU

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If you are looking to remove your H1 PSU for RMA or to switch your PSU this guide will allow you to do so with relative ease. Firstly, prior to removing your PSU, you will need to remove all the panels on the H1 case, please check this guide here on how to do so. Once you have all of your panels removed you will be ready to get started. We will start off with opening the AIO (All in One Cooler) tray, as this is blocking access to some cables that will need to be disconnected.


When these screws are removed, you will need to slowly open the tray like a drawbridge. Be aware that when you are opening the tray, to not force it open at any point, you can potentially damage the tubing from the radiator and cause a massive leak. Make sure to rotate the tube fittings on the radiator to prevent damage as you open the tray. Next, you will need to open the Power Cable/SSD Tray cover, this can be done by lifting from the bottom of the cover.


Once this is done, you will need to disconnect all cables connected to the PSU. Additionally, as this will get in the way, make sure to remove the 24-pin ATX PSU cable going to your motherboard. Lastly, undo the velcro straps under the PSU so no cables will get in the way. Next, you'll need to remove the SSD trays as they can make removing the PSU difficult. Now there are two screws that are pictured below that hold the SSD tray to the frame. 


Then after those two screws are removed, you will need to flex this metal plate the SSD was mounted to in order to slide the SSD tray out of the back of the case. You don't have to put much force into it, just enough to cause a slight flex so you can slide out the tray. Do this slowly or you can scratch up the inside of your case. This is pictured below.


Next after the SSD tray is removed, then you are clear to get the PSU out. Firstly, there is a screw on the underside of the PSU that you will have to remove.


After this is done, you can remove the screws holding the side of the PSU shown below.


Then finally, there are two screws located on the top of the case that you will need to remove.


Loosening these two screws will leave the PSU completely free-floating. It will likely be kept in the air by the extension cable for the power. Disconnect this cable and you can now carefully guide the PSU out of the back of your case.  Once you have the PSU out, it will have a mounting tray attached to it. You will need to remove the four screws shown below to take the PSU out of this tray.


Once done your PSU is now completely free from the tray. From here you will be able to replace your PSU by reversing the steps above. If you run into any issues please reach out to our Customer Service Team for assistance.


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