Replacing your H1's front I/O USB Array

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Replacing your front USB Array is extremely easy and only takes about 10-15 minutes on average. In order to replace this part, you will need the following tools.

- A Philips screwdriver (Phillips #0 and Phillips #2)

- A Micro Cutter (For cutting Zipties)

In order to replace the front I/O, you will first need to remove all panels on the case. You will remove the front panel, rear panel, and top panels. 


Once all panels are removed, you will need to remove the SSD tray cover and clip the zip-tie holding the front I/O cables. You will want to remove the zip tie with a micro cutter of some kind in order to avoid any damage to the cables or case.


After this, we will need to remove the two screws holding in the front I/O with your Phillips #0 Screwdriver as shown in the photo below.


After this, the front I/O will hang freely but will still be connected to your motherboard. You will need to open up the other side of the case in order to get access to the motherboard. This can be accessed by removing the two screws below. Please make note of the direction of the tubes from the radiator bend when opening the cooler panel. When re-assembling, make sure the tubes sit in the same position when closing the cooler panel.


Once opened, it will look something like the photo below.


Then you'll be able to follow the cable from the front I/O to where they are on the motherboard. Please make note of the locations these cables are connected to before you disconnect things so you can mimic the same setup with the new I/O. You would then route your new module the same way and connect the cables to their original locations. Here are some excerpts from our manual showing the possible connections to your motherboard.


If you run into any problems or have additional questions please contact our Customer Care Team here.

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