Replacing your NZXT H1 AIO

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If you are looking to remove your H1 Cooler for RMA this guide will allow you to do so easily. Firstly, prior to removing your cooler, you will need to remove all the panels on the H1 case, please check this guide here on how to do so. Once you have all of your panels removed you will be ready to get started. We will start off with opening the AIO (All in One Cooler) tray.


Remove the screws pictured in the photo above. Once these screws are removed, you will need to slowly open the tray like a drawbridge. Be aware that when you are opening the tray, to not force it open at any point, you can potentially damage the tubing from the radiator and cause a massive leak. Make sure to rotate the tube fittings on the radiator to prevent damage as you open the tray. After opening the tray, we will need to remove the cooler cold plate from the CPU.


There will be thumbscrews that hold the cold plate to the CPU, for AMD CPUs there will only be two thumbscrews located on the left and right of the cold plate. For Intel CPUs, there will be four thumbscrews that hold it to the CPU. Once removed, we recommend you clean off all thermal paste from the CPU and the cold plate, this can be done with Isopropyl Alchohol wipes. After wiping down the surface with said wipes, dry off the surface completely with a microfiber or tissue paper. Next, you will need to remove the fan from the cooler. This is held in by four screws on the four corners of the fan.


Once the screws are removed, the fan will be still zip-tied to the radiator pump of the cooler. Carefully remove the zip-tie pictured below, making sure to not accidentally cut the cables it's holding.


Now that the fan is fully free from the radiator, we can now remove the cooler completely. This can be done by removing the four screws on the back of the radiator on the AIO tray pictured below.


After you have removed these screws the main cooler will be free from the case allowing you to ship this cooler for RMA. When you have your replacement cooler, reverse the previous steps for installation. Please keep in mind that you may need to apply new thermal paste to your CPU as the replacement may not have paste pre-applied. If you need thermal paste we recommend Arctic Silver 5 or Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut.


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