Refurbished PC Components FAQ

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What is a refurbished component?

NZXT refurbished components are parts that were previously returned to us that we then send to the manufacturer for refurbishment. All components are tested by our manufacturer prior to being returned for resale and these components are backed by our 30-day warranty.


What do refurbished components include?

With refurbished components, what is included can vary from product to product. Anything that is essential for the product to be used and operated will be included. Minor accessories such as the manual, spare cables, spare screws, etc, are not guaranteed to be included but will be indicated on the product listing if included.


Why did my refurbished components ship separately from my other purchases? Why did my refurbished components ship at a different time from my other purchases?

NZXT has multiple facilities with separate departments and shipping centers. Unfortunately due to this, different products may not ship together. This can result in different shipping times between products or portions of orders not being shipped at the same time.


Can I have refurbished products installed to an NZXT Gaming PC?

Unfortunately, this is not a service we offer, mixing new and refurbished products in a build would make it difficult for us to provide customers with a reasonable warranty.


What does the 30-day warranty cover?

The 30-day warranty covers any failure of a product not caused by user error, power failure, negligent behavior, acts of God (such as a flood or fire), failure to perform preventative maintenance (such as periodically cleaning your computer), and accidental damage. If a failure occurs and it is not caused by these factors, NZXT will exchange the product for a replacement of the exact or similar model.

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