NZXT SwitchMix FAQ

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Can I use the Mixer part of the SwitchMix on its own, or do I have to use the Headphone stand?

The Mixer will work independent of the Headphone stand if you are only looking to use either Headphones or Speakers and control them through the SwitchMix.

If the Headphone stand is not connected, the Mixer will prioritize the Headphone output over the Speakers but will automatically switch if the headphones are unplugged or plugged in to the front of the Mixer.

You can also manually switch between Headset and Speaker output by pressing and holding the Volume knob on the Mixer.

What is the maximum recommended Impedance for the headphone output on the SwitchMix?

The SwitchMix is validated for headphones at 32 ohms, higher impedance headphones may result in quieter audio.

Is NZXT CAM required to use the SwitchMix?

The SwitchMix will work independent of the NZXT CAM software, however the CAM software is required to adjust Sidetone volume, the volume indicator LEDs, and DTS profiles.

Does the NZXT SwitchMix provide EQ or DTS Profiles for connected Speakers?

The EQ and DTS Audio X features of the SwitchMix are exclusive to headphones connected through the SwitchMix and are not available for connected speakers at this time.

Is the SwitchMix Windows exclusive? Can I use the SwitchMix with my Mac or Linux PC?

While the SwitchMix can be connected to Mac computers and will be detected as an audio device, it will not have access to NZXT CAM exclusive features such as the ability to adjust Sidetone volume, the volume indicator LEDs, or DTS profiles.

Our customer support team will not be able to assist with issues on Mac or Linux based PCs for the SwitchMix.

NZXT CAM is not compatible with Windows 7 or 8.1, can I still use the SwitchMix with my Windows 7 PC?

The SwitchMix will still work on a system running Windows 7 or 8.1, however you will not be able to use advanced functions such as Sidetone volume, adjusting the indicator LEDs, or DTS profiles that are exclusive to the NZXT CAM software.

Can I adjust my Microphone volume through the SwitchMix?

The SwitchMix does not have dedicated controls for Microphone volume.

What Input and Output does the SwitchMix work with?

The rear Speaker output is a 3-pole 3.5mm TRS connection, while the front Headset input/output is a 4-pole 3.5mm TRRS connection. The front Headset input/output uses the CTIA standard.

Can I use the SwitchMix with a USB or Bluetooth Headset?

The SwitchMix is not compatible with USB or Bluetooth Headsets, any headsets used must be connected to the 3.5mm TRRS connection at the front of the Mixer.

How loud does the SwitchMix get?

This one goes to 11.

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