NZXT Relay Headset FAQ

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Can I use the NZXT Relay with my game console? What about my Phone or my Mac? Is the Relay going to be Windows-exclusive in any way?

The NZXT Relay headset will work with any device with a 3.5mm audio jack. If your game console or controller features a 3.5mm audio jack, simply plug in the Relay and you're good to go.

This extends to any device with a 3.5mm audio jack, however, if you have a Mac or other computer that lacks a 3.5mm audio jack but does have a USB Type-A connector you can connect the included USB adapter to the device and use it like any other headset.

The only feature that will remain exclusive to Windows is NZXT CAM functions such as software controls for the Speaker and Microphone volume as well as Sidetone adjustments and the DTS Sound Profiles and Equalizer.

The only features that are exclusive to Windows will be those that are controlled through NZXT CAM such as software Speaker and Volume control, Sidetone Adjustments, and DTS settings such as the pre-configured sound profiles, Equalizer, and 7.1 Virtual Surround.

Can the NZXT Relay headset be connected via Bluetooth?

The NZXT Relay headset is a wired headset and does not feature Bluetooth connectivity out of the box.

Is the Relay USB Adapter required to use the Relay Headset?

The Relay USB Adapter is not required in order to use the headset, however, if you would like to use the full range of features for the headset including DTS Surround, pre-configured sound profiles, and other advanced features we would recommend using the included USB adapter.

Are the Earpads on the NZXT Relay headset replaceable?

In the event that your Relay's earpads become worn or damaged, we may have replacement parts available for warranty assistance.

If you are looking to replace the pads on the Relay headset with earpads of another material such as velour, suede, or cloth then there may be generic pad options available that are listed as compatible with NZXT relay headsets.  Please note that the Relay headset was designed with the included earpads in mind and changing to a third-party option like those mentioned above can result in a major change to the overall sound profile of the headset.

NZXT will not be able to provide support or compatibility assistance with these third-party options.

Is the cable on the NZXT Relay headset removable, and can it be replaced?

The included cable with integrated headphone volume and microphone mute can be removed.  If your cable gets lost or is damaged, we may have replacement parts available for warranty assistance.

We do not recommend using third-party cables with the NZXT Relay headset in order to ensure complete compatibility with the headset and the included Relay USB adapter.

Is the Microphone on the NZXT Relay headset removable, and can it be replaced?

The included Microphone is completely removable if you do not need to use it. This can be useful for times when you are using the headset for casual music listening with your phone or music player, or if you have a dedicated microphone like the NZXT Capsule.

If your Microphone gets lost or is damaged, we may have replacement parts available for warranty assistance.

Where can I get replacement parts for my NZXT Relay Headset?

If you need replacement Earpads, a replacement cable, microphone, etc. please reach out to our Customer Support team.  Please note, due to limited inventory we may only have parts available for headsets that are currently within warranty.  For warranty assistance, please have your Proof of Purchase from an authorized NZXT retailer ready when submitting a request.

Do you have any questions not covered by this FAQ?  Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team or join the Official NZXT Community Discord to keep up to date on our latest products, upcoming sales, and join in on discussions on everything from PC hardware to gaming.

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