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If the price of a component in my build changes, can I get a partial refund for the price difference?

In the event of a price drop on any components, a customer will need to contact us within 14-days of receiving their PC. For example, if you have purchased an NZXT N7 Z490 Motherboard within your build and it was to go on sale for $50 off on the PC configurator, you can contact us for the difference as a refund. If a different model motherboard were to have a lower price, we would not be able to honor that as it has to be the same component that went on sale.

*This does not include holiday promotions and sales.*


If the price of a component changes, can I still get a partial refund after 14-days?

To remain fair to all of our customers, we will not honor any refunds outside of our 14-day policy. Please make sure to contact our team if you see a component in your build sold for a lower price than you paid for within 14 days of receiving your PC.

*This does not include holiday promotions and sales*


Why did the price of a component go down? 

Sometimes the value of components can change within the time of your purchasing and receiving your system. When we sell a custom system, the parts within your build are sold at or as close to the MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price). Sometimes these prices can change or there can be sales on components that we are able to pass on to the customer.


The price of a component went down but I have a prebuilt PC, can I get any money back?

As our prebuilt PCs are a packaged deal where you get a lower price system, you did not pay specifically for a component at a set price, instead you paid one cost for a finished product. We are unable to offer any refunds for any price difference as a pre-built PC’s components are not sold at MSRP but usually a lower cost already. This is how we keep the price of our prebuilt PCs lower than a customer system with similar components.


Will NZXT price-match components from different sites?

NZXT does not offer any price matching for components not sold on 

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