Wrong or Missing Part FAQs (NZXT BLD)

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This article only applies to NZXT BLD PC orders.  If you purchased individual components (Case, Cooler, Accessories, etc.) please check out the article linked below:

NZXT Support - Wrong or Missing Part FAQs

I received my NZXT BLD PC and a part is missing or wrong, what can I do?

In the event that you receive your NZXT BLD system and there is a missing or incorrect part, please notify our Customer Support team immediately for assistance.  All missing/incorrect part claims must be made within 14 days of the PC being delivered.

When reaching out to our Customer Support team, please have the following ready:

  • Your NZXT BLD Order#
  • Pictures of the shipping box received from all angles (top, bottom, all sides)
  • Pictures of the PC as received with the side panels removed, highlighting the missing component(s)
  • If you received a wrong component, please include a picture of the component received

Note:  If you purchased a pre-built PC (i.e. an NZXT Player Series PC), components in your order may be substituted with a different component of equal or higher performance.  In the event that a part was substituted due to availability, we will be unable to offer a replacement.  Products shown on Prebuilt product pages are generic renders and may vary from the final PC.

I found out my PC had a missing or wrong component after 14-days, can I still get help?

To remain fair to our customers and reduce the risk of potential fraud, we will not honor any requests outside of the 14-day return policy for the NZXT BLD PC.  We recommend to all customers that they inspect the PC at the time of delivery to ensure that all components match their order summary and that there are no missing or incorrect parts.

If I received the wrong component, or a part is missing how will NZXT make it right?

If you received the wrong component in your build, our team will be able to provide options based on the type of product missing.  Certain components such as CPUs, Power Supplies, and Motherboards will may require that the PC as a whole be sent to our warehouse for inspection and replacement of the incorrect parts.  Smaller components such as Storage, RAM, and GPUs may be available to send in for replacement without sending the full PC.

In the event that a product is missing, our team can have the product shipped to you if you are comfortable with installing the part.

For all claims where the PC or a part must be shipped to NZXT, a pre-paid shipping label and packing instructions will be provided.


Do you have any questions not covered by this FAQ?  Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team or join the Official NZXT Community Discord to keep up to date on our latest products, upcoming sales, and join in on discussions on everything from PC hardware to gaming.

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