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I have received my PC and it is missing a part or has a wrong part, what can I do?

Sorry to hear that! Thankfully, this is something we can take care of for you easily. All customers have 14-days after receiving their PC to report a missing or wrong part to our customer service team. When contacting our customer service team we will require photos and the order number of the PC to confirm the issue. 

In the event of a missing component, please remove all panels on your case and send photos of every part of the computer to our team. This will allow our team to verify the component is not installed somewhere else. If you received the wrong component in your build please provide a photo of the component you received to our team instead.

NOTE: If you have purchased a Pre-Built PC, due to current parts shortages we may give you a different component of equal or higher value. These circumstances do not apply to this 14-day policy.


I found out my PC had a wrong/missing component after the 14-days, can I still get help?

To remain fair to our customers and to reduce potential fraud, we will not be honoring any of these requests outside the 14-day policy. We recommend to all customers that at the time of receiving and setting up their PC they verify all the components match their order summary. Rest assured you are still covered for the entire duration of your warranty.


If I got the wrong component in my build, how will NZXT make it right?

If you did receive the wrong component in your build, we have multiple options to potentially assist you. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to exchange smaller components without sending in the entire system. This will depend on the component(s) that would need to be exchanged. For any exchange, we use express shipping round trip to take care of you as quickly as possible.

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