Where is the Serial Number on my NZXT product?

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In the event of a potential RMA for your NZXT product, you may be asked to provide a Serial Number for your product by our Customer Support team.  This article will cover the common locations where these serial numbers will be located.

Please note: If a product is returned with a damaged, modified, or removed Serial Number it may be rejected by our RMA team and returned without service.

Kraken series AIO Liquid Cooler

All Kraken series coolers will have their Serial Number located on the radiator as shown on the examples below.  Depending on how your cooler is installed in your PC, you may need to remove it from your system in order to properly access the serial number.

For all Asetek-based Kraken coolers such as the Kraken X73 and Z73, or the Kraken 360 you'll find the the Serial Number located on the radiator end-cap furthest from the hose connections as shown below:


For all other Kraken coolers such as the 140mm cooler included in the H1 series or the Kraken M22 and Kraken 120, you'll find the Serial Number located on the radiator end-cap closest to the hose connections as shown below:


NZXT Cases

Depending on the model of your NZXT Case, your Serial Number will be located either on the rear or bottom of your case.  For compact mid-tower cases such as the H510 and H5 series cases, this will be located below the expansion slots, above the Power Supply as shown below:



For larger cases such as the H710 and H7 series, this will instead be located on the inner lip of the Rear I/O plate as shown below.



Depending on the model of your fan, the serial number sticker will either be located on the outer cage of the fan or on the center hub sticker.  For the example below, the Serial Number is located on the outer cage:


RGB Controllers, Fans, and USB Hubs

Serial numbers for these products are typically easy to find, below are some examples.

NZXT RGB Controllers and Case Accessories

For all NZXT RGB Controllers and Case Accessories, the Serial Number will be printed either on the main product sticker or on the product box itself in the case of RGB strips.  For products without a serial number, it is recommended to keep the product box in case a warranty claim is necessary.



NZXT Peripherals and Gaming Accessories

For all NZXT Peripherals and Gaming Accessories, such as Function series keyboards, Lift series gaming mice, and audio accessories such as the SwitchMix you'll generally find the Serial Number sticker on the rear or underside of the product, such as on the underside of the keyboard shown below:


Do I need to register my NZXT product?

At this time, we do not offer Product Registration for NZXT products, however this may change in the future.  For any warranty claims, please be sure to hold onto your original receipt or invoice as we will need it as a proof of purchase to verify your warranty status.


Do you have any questions not covered by this guide or need further assistance?  Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team and one of our friendly support agents will be there to assist you.

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