Connecting RGB power for the Kraken 120

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This article will cover connecting the RGB connection from your Kraken 120 cooler to a compatible NZXT RGB Controller, or directly to your motherboard's 5V Addressable RGB Header.

Please note:  The Kraken 120 cooler is not compatible with 12V RGB headers.  Plugging the Kraken 120 to a 4-pin, 12V header can result in permanent damage to the RGB header or the Kraken 120 cooler which are not covered under the Kraken's warranty.

How do I connect the Kraken 120 to an NZXT RGB Controller?

If you are looking to connect the Kraken 120 and control its RGB through the NZXT CAM software, you will need to connect the Kraken itself to a compatible RGB Controller.  For proper detection, the controller must be compatible with Version 2 or newer NZXT RGB devices such as the controllers listed below:

For our example, we will use RGB Controller included with the F120 RGB series fans and Kraken RGB series coolers.

From the Kraken 120 cooler's cap, take the integrated NZXT RGB female connector and connect it to an open header on the RGB Controller.  This cable can be easily identified by the small plastic clip and non-exposed pins.


Once connected, start your PC and the Kraken 120 should light up.  If this is the first time the Kraken 120 is being connected, the LED ring and logo may light up in the default White color.


The Kraken 120 will show up connected to the RGB Controller.  For this example, there is also an additional F120 RGB fan attached.

How do I connect the Kraken 120 to an 5V Addressable RGB header?

If you are looking to connect the Kraken 120 without needing to install the NZXT CAM software, then this is the perfect method for you.  Please note however, if you connect a Kraken 120 to 5V Addressable RGB (ARGB) header, it will not be visible in the NZXT CAM software.

To start, locate the included NZXT RGB to 5V Addressable RGB adapter cable included in the box for your Kraken 120 cooler.  This will have male NZXT end with visible pins, and a female 5V ARGB end with 3 sockets as shown below:

5V RGB Connection Cable.png

Connect the male NZXT end from the adapter cable to the female end of the Kraken 120, then connect the 3-pin 5V ARGB female end to a 5V ARGB header on your motherboard.  For our example, we will use the JRAINBOW2 header located in the bottom left corner of the MSI Z490 Gaming Plus motherboard.

jrainbow connector.png5V Cable Connected.png

Once connected, start up your PC and load the RGB software of choice for your motherboard and select the appropriate header to control the RGB settings for your device.  For our example with the MSI Z490 Gaming Plus motherboard, we'll be using the MSI Center software and selecting JRAINBOW2.


From here, choose your color or effect and click Apply and you should be ready to go.  For some RGB software, you may need to manually set the number of LEDs present in the Kraken 120 cooler.  For this particular cooler with no additional fans attached, this will be a total of 9 LEDs.

Can I daisy-chain additional NZXT RGB devices from the Kraken 120?

If you have the Kraken 120 cooler and want to attach an additional RGB fan to the cooler to match the rest of your system, or if you have a limited number of RGB headers in your system and need to link the Kraken 120 to another device you can easily do so using the included RGB output (male) cable from the Kraken 120.

If you have the Kraken 120 cooler and want to attach an additional NZXT RGB fan, or have a limited number of available headers in your system for another NZXT RGB device then the solution may be to daisy-chain from the Kraken 120 using the included NZXT RGB Out connector.

Note:  It is only recommended to chain additional NZXT RGB devices from the Kraken 120.  Please do not connect non-NZXT RGB devices to the NZXT RGB Out connector.

If you are connecting the Kraken 120 in a chain with non-NZXT RGB devices via the included 5V ARGB adapter, it is recommended that the Kraken 120 be the last device in the chain.

For our example, we'll be connecting an NZXT Aer RGB 2 fan to the Kraken 120 cooler.  For this, connect the IN side of the cable included with the Aer RGB 2 fan to the fan, with the OUT side of the Fan-to-Controller cable connected to the male RGB output cable.

Kraken 120 to Fan.png

You should now be able to control the fan attached to the Kraken 120 as if it were an extension of the RGB on the device.  If you are using NZXT CAM to control the Kraken, the fan should be immediately recognized and controllable through the Kraken 120 itself.

If you are using your motherboard's RGB control software (5V ARGB), you may need to increase the number of LEDs according to the fan's product page.  The most common number of LEDs per fan will be:

  • NZXT Aer RGB 2 = 8 LEDs
  • NZXT F120 RGB = 18 LEDs
  • NZXT F120 RGB Duo = 20 LEDs
  • NZXT F120 RGB Core = 8 LEDs

For more information on controlling RGB on your Kraken 120 cooler, please check out our dedicated guide linked below:

NZXT Support - How do I control the RGB on my Kraken 120?


Do you have any questions not covered by this guide or need further assistance?  Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team and one of our friendly support agents will be there to assist you.

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