I received a Kraken 120 instead of a Kraken M22 cooler?

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If you have sent a Kraken M22 in for a replacement and received a Kraken 120, not to worry! This is entirely intentional. As the Kraken M22 is a discontinued product, we would supply a Kraken 120 instead to make sure you can get your PC back up and running again!

Installing the Backplate

Note: If you have an AMD processor, you can skip this step!

To install the backplate, make sure you have your old backplate removed. If you are having trouble sliding the backplate off the motherboard, you can loosen the screws on the rear of the backplate.


Firstly, you will need to get the correct backplate for your Intel socket in the product manual is listed as an Intel 1200/115X Backplate or an Intel 1700 Backplate. Next, please determine which socket type your motherboard uses; this is typically listed in the motherboard manual included with your build (if unsure, please reach out to our customer service team.)


Installing the new backplate is straightforward from here! Before installing, you need to remove the film covering the thermal pads on the backplate, as shown below.


Then you will need to align the nubs of the backplate to the holes of the motherboard, pads facing the board, and with the backplate vertically oriented, as shown below.


Next, you will need to find the appropriate screws for your socket type to mount the backplate to the motherboard, as shown below.


Now that you have the right part, you will need to screw the standoff into the backplate, as shown below. We recommend having a hand holding the backplate to prevent it from popping out.



Mounting the Kraken 120 Fan and Radiator

Before installing the pump, we will first need to install the fan and radiator; you will first need to unscrew the fan bracket on your case if it's still installed. This is held in by two screws located on the right side of the bracket.


You should still have an additional fan on the bottom part of the bracket, so in the space above it, you will place the fan included with your Kraken 120. Ensure the X-shaped guard shows and matches the first fan's wire direction placement.


Next, you will place the AIO radiator block on top of the second fan, with the two pump tubes oriented at the top and facing outwards.

mceclip9.pngNow while firmly holding the bracket, fan, and radiator, flip the bracket over while maintaining the position of all parts.


You will now need to install the fan and radiator onto the bracket using the 30mm (long) 6-32 fan screws and metal washers that came with the AIO.


Then you will need to slide the fan bracket back into the case. You will also run the cables from the fans and radiators below.


Finally, you will reattach the fan bracket back onto the front interior of the PC using the two thumbscrews.



Connecting your Fan

This step covers reconnecting your spare fan on the lower part of the fan bracket, not the fan for your Kraken cooler.



Mounting the Kraken Water Block to your CPU (Intel)

Note: Skip to the next step for an AMD processor, as the mounting process is different from Intel processors





Mounting the Kraken Water Block to your CPU (AMD)

Note: Skip this step for if you have an Intel Processor, your water block should already be installed








Providing Power to the Water Pump and Radiator Fan




Connecting your RGB Cables

This final step is for getting your RGB connected for your Kraken 120!



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