My GPU is loud, what can I do?

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So you've received a new BLD PC! You just started it up and hear a loud sound coming from your GPU and are wondering if it's normal. This would be coil whine and it is relatively common with most GPUs. 

Keep in mind that coil whine is not something that is limited to new computers, but is more common with newer systems.

What is coil whine?

Coil whine is caused by vibrations of components in your GPU. This sound can also come from your PSU and some motherboards in rare cases but is most common to occur with a GPU. In general, the coils in a GPU will always whine, but not at a frequency your ears can pick up. In some cases it can be very prevalent.

Is it dangerous? 

Coil whine is perfectly safe and doesn't affect the lifespan of any components.

Will NZXT replace a GPU that is having a coil whine?

NZXT will not replace a GPU that has a coil whine, as this does not affect the performance or the lifespan of your product. We commonly see coil whine in most 30-series GPUs and may fade over time with use.


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