N7 Z590 CMOS Battery Replacement

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In the event you need to replace or re-seat your CMOS battery, doing so will require the metal cover to be removed from the motherboard. This article will detail this process. Prior to doing anything else, it is recommended that the motherboard is removed from the system completely. This can be done within the system but would need a plastic pry tool. Prior to removing the metal cover, we recommend you remove the M.2 covers on the board (shown in the photo below).


Once removed, you will need to next lift up on the top right, bottom right, and bottom left corners of the metal cover on your motherboard. This can be done with a flat-head screwdriver or plastic pry tool. These locations are shown in the three photos below.




Once you have pried the metal cover off, you would now be able to access your CMOS battery, this will be between the full-sized PCIe slots on your motherboard shown below.

To remove the CMOS battery, you will want to wedge a small flat-head screwdriver into the bottom of the battery holder shown below. This will allow you to pry the battery out.

Remove_CMOS.pngFrom here now you can put in a new battery (or re-use the same battery if you are doing this as a troubleshooting step). Then you can just pop the metal cover back onto your motherboard and you are good to go.


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