Setting up RGB power for the Kraken 120

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This article will cover the connection of the Kraken 120 to a compatible RGB device and the connecting of additional NZXT RGB devices to the Kraken 120 (daisy chaining.)

What can I connect the Kraken 120 to for RGB Power?

To get RGB power on the Kraken 120, you need to connect the Kraken to either a Gen 2 NZXT RGB Controller or a universal 5V RGB Header. Below you can find examples of these connectors.


Here is an example of an NZXT RGB Connector


Here is an example of a 5V RGB Connector (manufacturers will sometimes give these different names, the key trait to look out for is a pin labeled "+5V" and that the connector has three pins on it)

Connecting the Kraken 120 to an NZXT RGB Controller

When connecting the Kraken 120 to any RGB device, it must always be the first device in the chain of RGB accessories. The Kraken 120 will have two NZXT RGB Connectors wired into it (example shown below.)


The left connector shown in the example above will go directly to your NZXT RGB Controller, to any available "LED" ports, as shown below.


Connecting NZXT RGB Fans to the Kraken 120

Due to the Kraken 120 being the first device in the chain of RGB Accessories, you will need to use cables included with our AER RGB fans to connect them to the Kraken 120. You can do this with the "500mm Fan-to-Fan" cable, shown in the photo below.


The OUT end of the cable connects to the available RGB connector from your Kraken 120 and the IN end of the line to the open IN port on your AER RGB fan.

Connecting NZXT RGB Strips to the Kraken 120

To connect RGB LED strips to the Kraken 120, you would use the included RGB Connection Cable found in the packaging of our LED strip kits. 


The upper connector is from the Kraken 120 connected via the included RGB Connection cable, and the lower connector is going to an NZXT RGB LED Strip. Keep in mind when joining an RGB strip to its connection cable, the white arrow needs to be lined up with the black along the edge of the strip.

Connecting the Kraken 120 to a 3rd party 5V RGB Connector

To connect a Kraken 120 to a 5V RGB Connector on a 3rd party motherboard, you will need to use the included 5V RGB Connection cable.


The left connector will need to have the compatible RGB connector from the Kraken 120 plugged into it. On the right, the three-pin connector will need to be connected to an available 5V RGB header on your motherboard of choice. This connector is shown below.


Then to connect this cable to your motherboard, you will line up the three pins on the motherboard with the three holes on the connector. An example of this is shown below.


Once connected, it should be visible in your motherboard's RGB software, in this case, Armory Crate, as seen below. If it is not detected and you are sure the cable is connected correctly, please reach out to your motherboard manufacturer for assistance. 



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