Packaging your BLD PC for RMA

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If you were approved for RMA by our Customer Service team, you'll need to package the PC per our requirements. This will guarantee the safety of your PC in transit and prevent damage to the system. 

Failure to follow these instructions will likely result in damage to your PC, NZXT is not responsible for any damage caused by improperly packaging your system.

Firstly, you will want to place your Intapak foam inside your PC. If you have lost this foam, and we provided you a new Instapak kit in the mail, it will need to be expanded within your PC to protect your GPU. Please follow the instructions below for triggering the in Instapak. 

Once triggered and when the Instapak starts expanding, place this within your PC over the graphics card in your PC. You will need to mold it with your hands to the shape of your GPU. Once completed you can put your glass panel on and pack up your PC. Check the example below to see how this is done.


If you kept your original packaging with double boxes, you will want to use the smaller foam blocks that fit the shape of your PC, to then slide the PC into the smaller box. After that, use packaging tape rated for 60lbs to seal the smaller box. Then using the grey foam pieces, make sure the inner box does not excessively shake. within the larger box. Here is an example below of how you would pack the system.


Then with packaging tape rated for 60lbs, seal the outer box. 

If you are missing the original packaging and we have sent you replacement packaging, we would include a single large box, with a pre-selected amount of foam for your particular PC. You would just need to make sure that there is foam on all sides of the PC, this will prevent it from shaking around in shipping. Then with packaging tape rated for 60lbs, seal the box for the PC.

Finally, with either a printer or through the shipper, print and attach the included shipping label we provide (this is typically sent via your email).

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