C-Series Gold PSU (2022) Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use my older NZXT brand PSU cables?

Due to differences in the pinout of previous generation PSU cables, you cannot re-use any cables you may have in your build if you were upgrading from an earlier model.

You must use the cables included with these PSUs.

What are the available wattages for the new C-Series Gold PSUs?

Are you wondering how a PSU works or have questions about the different wattages available? We have a helpful article here that can help you out.

Does NZXT offer custom sleeved cables for their PSUs?

At this time, NZXT does not have any plans for sleeved cables to be offered for these PSUs. You can, however, use Cablemod Sleeved Extensions.

Are the new C-Series Gold PSUs CAM enabled?

These power supplies are not CAM-enabled and can run correctly without any software needed.

Is there a silent mode for the new C-Series Gold PSUs?

All of our C-Series Gold PSUs have a Zero RPM Mode. Your fan will only turn on when your PSU hits a certain temperature threshold. With Zero RPM mode disabled, your PSU fan will always be on and will adjust its speed based on the temperature of your PSU.


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