C-Series Gold PSU (2022) Frequently Asked Questions

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This FAQ covers the newer generation C-Series Gold Power Supplies (model number starting with PA-).  If you have an older generation NZXT E-Series or C-Series Power Supply (model number starting with NP-), please check out the following article:

NZXT Support - E-Series and C-Series Power Supply FAQs

Can I use my older NZXT brand PSU cables?

With the updated NZXT C-Series power supplies, we have switched to a new pinout when compared to our previous generation C and E series power supplies.  Due to this, older cables made for the C and E series will no longer be compatible and will need to be replaced.

If you had a previous generation C or E series power supply or purchased third party cables for your PSU, you will need to use the newer cables included with your C-Series PSU.

How do I tell if my PSU is a 1st Generation C-series or 2nd Generation?

All 1st Generation C-Series PSUs will have a model number starting with NP- while all newer 2nd Generation PSUs will have a model number starting with PA-

What are the available wattages for the new C-Series Gold PSUs?

The new line of NZXT C-Series Power Supplies come in a wide range starting from 650W.  For the most up to date list of available C-Series Power Supplies, please check out the link below:

NZXT - PC Power Supplies

Does NZXT offer custom sleeved cables for the new C-Series PSUs?

At this time, NZXT does not have any plans for sleeved cables to be offered for our new C-Series PSUs.

Are the new C-Series Gold PSUs compatible with NZXT CAM or have any active monitoring through CAM?

The NZXT C-Series power supplies are not CAM-enabled products and can be run without needing any additional software.

Is there a Silent or Eco Mode for the new C-Series Gold PSUs?

All of our C-Series Gold PSUs will include a Zero RPM mode switch located next to the main power switch.  When enabled (button out), your PSU's fan will only turn on when it hits a certain operating temperature.  With Zero RPM mode disabled (button in), your PSU fan will always be on and will adjust its speed based on the temperature of your PSU.

Do you have any questions not covered by this FAQ?  Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team or join the Official NZXT Community Discord to keep up to date on our latest products, upcoming sales, and join in on discussions on everything from PC hardware to gaming.

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