C-Series Bronze Cable Differences

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With introducing our C-Series Bronze Power Supplies, we need to address the differences between the Gold and Bronze power supply cables. There are only two cables that have visual differences within the packaging. Regardless of other connectors being physically identical, do not use Gold and Bronze connectors interchangeably. These connectors are fundamentally different and can cause electrical failure.


The image above shows the difference between the Gold and Bronze PCIe connectors. Although the differences are minor for this connector, the Bronze PSU has the bottom right pin is squared whereas the Gold PSU is rounded.


The image above shows the differences between the Gold and Bronze SATA connectors. The main difference here is that Gold PSU has an empty pin on the bottom right whereas the Bronze PSU has the empty pin in the middle.

The pin-outs and keying are the same as all the other connectors, but this does not mean you should interchange these cables. To re-iterate, do not re-use the Gold cable with the Bronze PSU or vice versa. This can cause electrical failure in your system, so do not switch these cables between PSUs.

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