My tracking number hasn't updated for my order

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When making a big purchase for something like a Gaming PC, you want your PC to get to you safely and on time. Given this, we understand your concerns when your tracking number doesn't show updates. This article will detail some possibilities for the lack of an update from the shipper.


The package has been lost in transit.

It is rare that a package is lost in shipping and is unlikely. However, when packages are moved in large quantities, sometimes shipments can get sent in the wrong direction when being distributed. Typically the shipper will catch these issues and get the package sent back to its correct destination, followed by new scans on the tracking number to indicate this.

What should I do?

If your package hasn't been delivered on the date listed on your tracking number or the tracking number states specifically that the package is lost in transit, please contact our customer support team for assistance.


The shipper did not scan the package into their system at the time of pickup.

Due to the large number of orders we fulfill, when our shipper picks up a complete system, they will typically receive your package bundled with many other shipments. As a result, the shipper has to manually scan the barcode on each of these packages at the main distribution center and, in some cases, can miss the initial pickup scan.

What should I do?

Rest assured your package is still likely en route to its destination, your front doorstep! If your package isn't delivered by the end of that day, please contact our customer support team for assistance.


The package is being held until the delivery date.

When you select a shipping speed, this is a timeframe the shipper has to deliver your package. So, while sometimes a tracking number might show that the package has been scanned into a distribution center local to you much earlier than the delivery date, this does not mean the shipper can deliver your package earlier. 

What should I do?

You can call your local FedEx to arrange early pickup. Keep in mind that not all FedEx distribution centers allow for the pickup of packages scheduled for later delivery. Otherwise, your only option would be to wait for your package to be delivered.


The package is delayed due to the holidays.

During the holidays, shippers encounter a massive surge of packages to their distribution centers; keep in mind that the shipper could hold your package in a distribution center for more extended periods while the shipper attempts the sort these shipments they have received for delivery.

What should I do?

We recommend contacting FedEx to determine if the package has been delayed, if it has been delayed due to the holidays your tracking number will eventually update with a new delivery date later on.

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