NZXT H210 Series - FAQ

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This article will detail some of the commonly asked questions regarding our H210/H210i case. 

Can the AER Trim be installed on the included fans?

The fans included with the case are what we refer to as "Case Edition" Fans. While performing similarly to standard AER F fans, these fans cannot swap the external trim, as including fans with this feature would increase the cost of the case for our customers.

Do I need a USB 3.1 Gen 2 connector to use the USB C connector on the front I/O?
All NZXT cases with an external USB C connector require a USB 3.1 Gen 2 connector. While competing cases may use USB3.0/3.1 Gen 1 connection, we wanted to provide the best experience regarding data transfer rates which is why we went with the Gen 2 standard. While there are adapters that exist that let you use a Gen 2 connector with a Gen 1 connection on a motherboard, we don't recommend these as

Does the Smart Device V2 included with the H210i need CAM software installed to work?

Our Smart Device V2 has many features that depend on CAM to function; the controller would run in its default settings without CAM. Unfortunately, these default settings are not optimal for the performance of your fans, and the lightings settings may clash with the aesthetic of your build. We highly recommend installing our CAM software to ensure your product performs the way it's intended; you can download this here.

How many radiators can be installed inside the H210/H210i cases?

The H210 cases support a single 240mm radiator cooler in the front and a single rear-mounted 120mm radiator (no wider than 60mm). This can get very tight inside this case, so we don't recommend a dual radiator setup.

Can I use the Kraken G12 in the H210/H210i?
Yes, the Kraken G12 would fit, but the pump you would mount to your Kraken G12/GPU can potentially be too tall and prevent the installation of a Kraken G12 cooled GPU, which would prevent our Kraken X2, X3, and Z3 Series from being used to cool your GPU in this case. We recommend picking a compatible cooler with a lower-profile pump.

What GPUs will fit this case?

Technically the H210 supports up to a 325mm GPU, but this does not consider any radiators/fans installed to the front of the case. Therefore, if you plan on installing a liquid cooler to your H210 build or plan to include fans in the front of the case, you will need to subtract the width of the fans and radiator from the clearance available in this case. For example, the Kraken X53 has a 30mm thick radiator, and the included AER P fans are 26mm thick. You would then subtract 56mm from the 325mm of clearance we'd typically have to give us 269mm of GPU clearance.

Please also keep in mind that there is a 44mm max clearance for the thickness of the GPU. Unfortunately, GPUs thicker than 44mm will not fit.

How many LED strips are included with the H210i?
The H210i includes a single LED strip with ten individually addressable LEDs installed to the top of the case. 

Is there a mesh panel for the H210/H210i?
We do not offer a mesh panel for this case and sadly have no plans for support in the future. Please sign up for our newsletter for updates on any potential new products NZXT may offer.


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