Kraken 120 FAQ

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Why should I buy the Kraken 120?

  • Simple, if you are looking for a 120mm cooler that allows you to have full control of the RGB and has good pump speeds the Kraken 120 can do it.

Can I control the pump and fan speed in the NZXT CAM software?

  • No, however, you can change the speeds through your motherboard BIOS.

Does the Kraken 120 need an RGB controller?

  • An RGB controller is not needed for this product as it goes connected directly to the 5v header on the motherboard. However, for full CAM control, you will need the RGB controller.

Can I use a different fan with the Kraken 120?

  • Yes, you can mount other 120mm fans to the unit. However, a static pressure fan is always recommended as regular flow fans aren't as efficient when cooling a radiator.

Can I refill the Kraken 120?

  • No, once the product has been taken apart it will be considered a damaged part and can lead to the warranty being voided.

Do I need NZXT CAM software to control the Kraken 120 RGB?

  • No, the RGB on the pump can be connected to the motherboard 5v header and the RGB can be changed with the motherboard's RGB software. You can connect the pump RGB to an RGB controller and be able to change the RGB on CAM.

Can I replace the pump or tubes?

  • That is not possible, the product is assembled and ready to be used. Any changes can damage the product and possibly void the warranty.

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