NZXT E-Series/C-Series Power Supply FAQ

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Is NZXT CAM required for the E-Series/C-Series Power Supplies?

For the E-Series Power Supplies, CAM is required for direct control of your PSU fan and to take advantage of the other features that PSU offers. Without CAM, the PSU will effectively behave like a C-Series Power Supply. The C-Series has no smart enabled features, so CAM is not needed at all.

What is the "Zero-RPM Fan Mode" button for on the C-Series power supplies?

This changes the fan speeds of the built-in power supply fan, causing the fan to stay off until your PSU hits a certain internal temperature.  When the Zero-RPM fan mode is not enabled, the fan will remain always on and adjust its speeds based on your temperature gradually. 

Can I use sleeved cable kits with my E-Series/C-Series Power Supply?

These power supplies are compatible with sleeved kits used for Seasonic Focus GX Power Supplies. The installation of sleeved cable kits or extension cables is not covered under the limited warranty. We recommend caution when using these types of products with your PSU.

Can I change the fan of my power supply? 
If your power supply fan has failed, you are likely still within the 10-year warranty. If you are then please contact our Customer Service Team for assistance. Opening the power supply does void the warranty, but it is physically possible.

Are 30 Series GPUs Supported by the NZXT E-Series/C-Series?

Yes, these GPUs are supported. Keep in mind the there are minimum power requirements for these graphics cards. Please check the recommended power supply for your GPU before purchasing a power supply. Our Power Supplies will include all the cables you need for connectivity.

Will NZXT make sleeved power cables for the E-Series/C-Series?

At this time there are no plans for a sleeved cable kit for these power supplies.


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