NZXT E-Series/C-Series Power Supply FAQ

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Is NZXT CAM required for NZXT E-Series and C-Series Power Supplies?

NZXT CAM monitoring is exclusive to the E-series of NZXT Power Supplies, the C-series includes no Smart features and will not be able to connect with the CAM software.

All NZXT E-Series Power Supplies will include an additional Mini USB to Internal USB 2.0 cable to connect the power supply directly to this motherboard for smart connectivity.

What is the "Zero-RPM Fan Mode" button for on my NZXT Power Supply?

Depending on the model of Power Supply, you may notice a small button next to your Power Switch labelled "Zero RPM Fan Mode".  When this button is pressed in, the power supply fan will always be on and will adjust its speed based on the temperature of the Power Supply gradually.  If the button is not pressed in, the Power Supply will be in "Zero RPM Mode" where it will keep the Power Supply cooling fan off at all times until the Power Supply reaches a specific temperature.

Can I use a sleeved cable kit with my NZXT Power Supply?

Depending on the model of NZXT Power Supply, there may be sleeved cable options available to use with your PSU.  All NZXT Power Supplies with a model number starting with NP, or that specifically mention Seasonic as the manufacturer are compatible with kits designed for Seasonic Focus GX series Power Supplies.

Power supplies with a model number starting with PA are not compatible any known third party sleeved cable kits at this time.

Please exercise caution when using a third party cable kit with an NZXT Power Supply.  The NZXT Warranty does not include coverage for issues caused by using third-party sleeved cable kits.

Can I change the fan in my NZXT Power Supply?

If your power supply fan has failed, making noise, or is no longer spinning it is not recommended to open the power supply or attempt to replace the fan.

Opening a power supply without sufficient experience or protection and result in severe injury or death, please do not attempt to service your power supply directly.

If you are experiencing an issue with your NZXT Power Supply, please reach out to our Customer Support team for warranty assistance.

Are RTX 3000 and 4000 series GPUs supported by the NZXT E-Series and C-Series power supplies?

Yes!  These GPUs are supported, however do keep in mind that there are minimum power requirements for these particular graphics cards.  It is always recommended to check the power supply recommendations for your GPU prior to selecting a Power Supply.

For RTX 4000 GPUs, older NZXT E-Series and C-Series Power Supplies may require an additional adapter which should be included with the GPU.

Does NZXT make or sell sleeved power cables for the E-Series or C-Series Power Supplies?

At this time, NZXT does not make or sell sleeved power cables for the E-Series or C-Series Power Supplies.


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