Building your NZXT Function Keyboard

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Congratulations on your purchase of our NZXT Function Keyboard! This article will assist first-time keyboard builders with the process of installing/removing mechanical switches and keycaps.


Removing Keycaps

It’s very easy to remove a keycap! Every Function Keyboard includes a dedicated keycap removal tool shown below.


Using the included keycap puller tool, affix the tool over the top of the keycap and gently pull to remove it (pictured below). Sometimes your mechanical switch might come off with the keycap. Please refer to the section on mechanical switch installation within this article.




Removing Mechanical Switches

Removing a Mechanical Switch is about as easy as removing a keycap. We include a switch remover in the packaging as shown below.


Using the included key switch removal tool, grip the key switch from the top to orient the ends of the tool along the back and front of the keyswitch. There are two tabs that retain the key switch into the plate, and when depressed, allow removal. Note that the tool should not scrape the top plate and it is unnecessary to grip underneath the switch. Grip the sides of the plastic housing only near the bottom (pictured below).


Installing Mechanical Switches

The installation of a Mechanical Switch is even easier than removing it. No tools are needed! Before installing any switch, though, make sure your pins on the switch are completely straight. Inserting a switch with a bent pin can cause damage to the switch and the keyboard PCB. Here is an example of a bent switch.

If you have switches with a bent pin, please refer to this guide here for instructions on how to fix a switch.


In order to reinstall a switch, first visually check that the two metal prongs on the keyswitch correspond with the two sockets on the key switch socket on the keyboard. Insert the switch into the keyboard socket firmly using direct overhead pressure. The sides of the switch housing should be against the top plate of the keyboard when inserted correctly.


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