Building your NZXT Function Keyboard

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The NZXT Function Mechanical Keyboard is a modular, easy to customize mechanical keyboard featuring hot-swap capable sockets and support for most 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical key switches.  This guide will go through replacing the keycaps and switches on your keyboard to help find your ideal typing experience.

Replacing the Keycaps

Removing keycaps from most mechanical keyboards is fairly straight forward.  While it may be tempting to simply grab the key and pull it from the board, this is generally not recommended as you could damage the stem of the keycap or pull the switch itself from the board.  Instead, the best way to remove a keycap is to use a dedicated keycap removal tool or keycap puller such as the one packed in the box for the Function keyboard.


To use this tool, align the two prongs of the keycap puller with the sides of the key and press down to grip the cap.  With the tool gripping the cap, gently pull the cap upwards and away from the keyboard as shown below:


In some cases, you may accidentally pull the key switch out with the keycap.  If this happens, don't panic!  We'll cover re-installing switches later on in the guide.

To install a new keycap, simply align the (+) shape stem on the switch with the bottom of the cap and press the cap firmly into the switch.

Replacing Mechanical Switches

Once the keycaps have been removed from the board, we can move on to removing the key switches.  For this, it is highly recommended to use a dedicated Keyswitch Removal Tool or Switch Puller.  Like with the keycap puller, we include this in the box with all NZXT Function Mechanical Keyboards.


For each switch, there will be a retention clip at the top and bottom of each switch to secure it to the keyboard plate.  To remove the switch, grip the switch itself using the puller and squeeze to release the clips and pull up and away from the board.


Take Note:  The puller should not need to make contact with the tray of the keyboard itself, as this can scratch the paint.  Be sure to only grip the switch when using the switch puller.


To install a new switch, simply align the switch with the socket and press it firmly into the plate.  If you are doing multiple switches at a time, it's recommended to test the keyboard after every few switches to make sure everything is connected properly.


If a switch is not working, it may be due to one of the pins becoming bent or broken.  If this happens, once again don't panic!  You can easily straighten out most bent pins with relative ease.  For more information on how to fix a bent switch, please check out our guide below:

NZXT Support - How do I fix a bent mechanical switch pin for my keyboard?

What switches and keycaps are compatible with the NZXT Function Keyboard?

The NZXT Function Mechanical Keyboard is compatible with all 3-pin and 5-pin MX Style mechanical switches, as well as most Cherry MX compatible keycaps.  For more information, please check out our guide linked below:

NZXT Support - NZXT Function Key Switch and Keycap Compatibility

Do you have any questions not covered by this guide or need further assistance?  Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team and one of our friendly support agents will be there to assist you.

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