What makes the Function Keyboard awesome?

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This is a great question we would love to answer! The Function Keyboard being our latest addition to our product line-up brings new opportunities to up craft your perfect gaming battle station! 



The Function Keyboard offers a variety of features that are of great value to gamers and typists alike. Here we will break down all of these features for this latest product of ours.


N-Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting

N-Key Rollover/Anti-Ghosting allows for the keyboard to record each individual keypress on your keyboard to be individually recorded and sent to your computer. Some keyboards have limits to how many keys can be pressed at the same time. Additionally, keyboards without any keyboard roll-over will block additional keypresses from being recorded, causing you to be at a disadvantage in gaming! For typing it can be just as bad, this can limit your total words per minute when typing.


Fully Controllable RGB Lighting

Our Function Keyboards have completely controllable RGB lighting, supporting up to 16.8 Million colors. The Function Keyboard also offers per-key lighting, for a high level of personalization.

Here is a list of all lighting modes offered for our keyboards:

  • Solid Color
  • Solid Gradient
  • Color Shift
  • Color Pulse
  • Covering Marquee
  • Wave
  • Ripple


Hot-Swappable Key Switch Sockets

Hot-Swappable switches allow for any owner of a Function Keyboard to use most cherry-style key switches available for sale right now! Allowing an additional level of customization that you can take advantage of.


Remappable Keys and Macros

Via our CAM software you can remap each individual key on your keyboard and you are able to set up custom macros to further improve your gaming/typing experience.


Included Wrist Rest (for full-sized and tenkeyless Keyboards only)

Our included soft-touch wrist rest offers additional comfort while gaming/typing without compromising the looks of your keyboard and your desktop.

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