Level 12: Finishing Touches

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A. Hook the Rear Panel

With the exhaust holes nearest the front of the PC, you will find two latches on the rear panel that will correspond to two holes on the PC. Hook them on.



B. Swing Closed the Panel

With the panel secure in the front, swing the back of the panel towards the PC. Make sure that no wires get in the way when closing the PC.



C. Secure the Rear Panel

Screw the rear panel onto the PC using the captive thumbscrew that’s located on the back of the metal panel.



D. Close the Glass Panel

Slide the glass panel in at an angle, so that it is securely seated behind the metal bottom lip. Push the top of the glass gently into the rubber standoffs until you hear them "Pop" into place.



E. Secure the Glass Panel

Finally, secure the glass by turning the captive thumbscrew.



F. Attach the Wi-Fi Antenna(s)

Attach the antenna(s) that came with your Wi-Fi card or motherboard to the rear of your PC by screwing them onto the nubs (on the back of the card or IO shield). Screw them in at the base when turning them in or they may not attach properly.



G. Plug in Power Cable

Plug the power supply into the wall using the power cable that was provided to you in the PSU box.



H. Plug in Display Cables


Plug in your monitor’s HDMI or DisplayPort Cable into the ports on your GPU. Do not plug into motherboard IO or you will get no display. The link above has info on displays and display cables.



I. Plug in Ethernet / Peripherals

Plug in the mouse and keyboard to the motherboard, and if you have wired internet, this would be a good time to plug in the ethernet cable.



J. Turn on PSU

Turn on the PSU, this will NOT start your PC. It will simply provide power to your parts.



K. Turn on the PC

To turn on the PC, press the power button that is at the front-top area of the computer case.



L. Update Drivers


We advise checking for and downloading driver updates on the official websites of your hardware for optimal performance. This QR code and link will take you to a list of websites that have drivers.



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