Level 6B: Relocating Fans (Air Cooler Build)

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You've come to another fork in the road. If you have an air cooler (marked F), you're in the right place, continue normally. If you have an AIO cooler (marked E), skip this page and go to Level 6A.


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A. Remove the Plastic Twist Ties

There should be 4 twist ties holding the wires in the back of the case. Remove them by cutting or untwisting them.



B. Unscrew the Top Fan

Holding the top fan, remove the four kb 5*10 screws holding the top fan to the case. Gently lower the fan and pull the wire through the case opening before setting it aside.



C. Keep Rear Fan Untouched

Keep the rear fan untouched. When we move the top fan to the front, air will move over the parts and out the back.



D. Set Aside the Fan

The fan you removed will be reinstalled to the front of the PC case on step H. Set it aside, but keep it close.



E. Unscrew the Fan Bracket

Unscrew the two thumb screws holding the fan bracket at the front interior of the PC.



F. Remove the Fan Bracket

Remove the fan bracket from the PC as shown above.



G1. Fan blades pointed outwards, no guard showing.

G2. Fan blades pointed inwards, “X” shaped guard showing.



H. Place Fan onto Bracket

Place the fan onto the fan bracket, with the “X” shaped guard showing. Position the fan towards the bottom of the bracket with its wire pointing to the left.



I. Flip the Bracket

Flip the bracket with the fan over, maintaining its position at the bottom of the bracket.



J. Screw Fan into the Bracket

Screw the case fan into the bracket using the provided kb 5*10 screws. Extras can be found in the white box labeled “NZXT” that came with your H510. From this angle, the fan cables will now be on the right side of the bracket.



K. Slide in the Fan Bracket

Running the fan cable through the larger case hole, slide the fan into the PC with “X” shaped guard showing.



L. Reattach the Fan Bracket

Attach the bracket back onto the front interior of the PC using the two thumbscrews.



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