Level 1: Installing the Memory

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A. Prepare the Motherboard

The SATA cables that came with the board won’t be used for this build.

Take out your motherboard and place it gently on the box it came in. The memory channels will be located in the top right corner of the motherboard.



B. Locate Channels 2 & 4

Locate RAM channels 2 and 4. These channels are paired to one another, giving you the most efficient use of your RAM. If labeled differently, check your motherboard manual for clarification.



C. Unhatch the Memory Slots

Press down on the lane 2 and 4 channel tabs. Your motherboard may only have tabs on one side to push down.



D. Orient the Memory Sticks

Typically if there is a white sticker on your memory sticks, this white sticker will be facing into the board, towards where the CPU socket is located.



E. Align the Memory Gold Connectors

The top of the gold RAM connectors is longer than the bottom. This makes it so that there is only one correct orientation. Make sure the RAM matches the openings on the motherboard lanes. Otherwise, it will no go in.



F. Push the RAM Firmly

Upon installation, pull the RAM twice to make sure it isn't loose.

Make sure that the gold connectors are properly aligned before applying force. Press down until you hear a click. Be careful, but don't be afraid to push firmly, it may require some extra force.



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