My RGB doesn't work with my N7 Z490, what can I do?

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The N7 Z490 has two integrated NZXT RGB Headers that are compatible with NZXT Gen 1 and Gen 2 products. These are labeled as number one in the diagram below.Screenshot_32222.png

If you have an RGB product connected to these headers, you should be able to control the product via our CAM software. If you are having problems with your RGB products, please refer to the troubleshooting steps below:

  • Test the RGB device on the other available NZXT_RGB header, if this fixes the issue, this could mean the RGB header on the motherboard is defective. To verify this, try other RGB products on this suspect header to rule this out. If that header still does not work, please contact our customer service team for potential exchange of your motherboard.
  • If your product still is having problems, try using a different connection cable that goes between the product and the NZXT_RGB header. If using a different cable resolves the problem, please contact our customer service team for a replacement cable.
  • If the product is an NZXT RGB Strip or an NZXT AER RGB fan that is in a daisy chain, please try connecting each product one at a time directly to the NZXT_RGB header. If you find all products work one at a time, this may indicate a certain product or a cable between each product is causing a problem in the daisy chain. Please test multiple configurations of NZXT products in a daisy chain in order to narrow down the fault.
  • If no matter what your lighting won't work properly on either channel, this would likely indicate the NZXT RGB product connected to your RGB header is at fault and may need replacement. Contact our customer service team for assistance on this.

Please keep in mind, NZXT RGB products from Gen 1 and Gen 2 cannot be daisy-chained together. Gen 1 and Gen 2 products need to be on separate channels.

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