Legacy H-Series FAQ

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This FAQ will cover a number of questions regarding our legacy H-Series NZXT cases listed below.  For newer versions of the H-Series such as the H5, H6, H7, and H9 please see check their dedicated FAQs.

The cases covered by this article include:

  • H200 and H210 Series
    • H200, H200i
    • H210, H210i
  • H400 Series
    • H400, H400i
  • H500 and H510 Series
    • H500, H500i
    • H510, H510i, H510 Elite, H510 Flow
  • H700 and H710 Series
    • H700, H700i
    • H710, H710i

What is the difference between the different versions (Base, Flow, Elite, and i-version) of the H-series cases?

Depending on the case you've selected, you may notice that there are a few different versions available.  For example, the H510 comes as the base H510, the airflow optimized H510 Flow, the premium H510 Elite, and finally the H510i.

The Base version of all of our cases includes a solid front panel and is an affordable starting point for many builds.

The Flow version offered on some of our cases takes the previous Base version and optimizes the case for airflow by introducing a more open case design through perforated and filtered front panels.  If you are looking for a case that puts airflow and performance first, the Flow case should be considered.

The Smart or i-series version take the Base version of the case and elevates it with additional features such as integrated RGB lighting and user defined fan controls through the NZXT CAM software.

Finally, we have the Elite version for those looking to create a system that places a strong aesthetic forward by introducing additional tempered glass for an open look.  All Elite series cases include integrated RGB lighting, RGB enabled fans, and may also include smart fan control through the NZXT CAM software depending on the model.

Some legacy i-series and Elite series cases also included integrated vertical GPU mounts, however newer cases such as the H5, H7, and H9 Elite do require the use of an additional NZXT Vertical GPU Mounting Kit (sold separately).

How many Case Fans can the included Fan Controller/Smart Device support?

The number of supported fans for the Smart Device, Smart Device V2, or RGB & Fan Controller included will depend on the controller as well as the type of fans being used in the system.

  • The Smart Device and Smart Device V2 support up to 10W per channel.
  • The RGB & Fan Controller V2 will support up to 12W per channel.

All compatible fans must be standard 12V PC fans, to determine the number of fans that should be supported you can use the calculation below:

Power (Watts) = Voltage (Volts) x Current (Amps)

Using the F120 RGB fans as an example, these fans are 12V, 0.18A fans with a rated wattage of 2.16W.

While up to 4 of these fans should work with the Smart Device V2, it is not recommended to have more than 3 fans connected to a single fan channel at a time.

The fans connected to my Smart Device stopped spinning

If you experience an issue where the fans connected to a Smart Device V2 have stopped spinning, we recommend to check the specifications of the fans themselves.  The Smart Device V2 only supports a maximum of 10W of power draw per fan channel.  If this is exceeded, the device will trigger an overcurrent fail-safe which will turn off the header until the device is restarted.

It is recommended if you continue to run into this issue to shutdown the PC and disconnect a fan from the channel and see if this allows other fans to properly spin on the next boot.

If you encounter an issue where your fans do not power on and are within spec, please reach out to our Customer Support team for further assistance.

How many LED strips or fans can the Smart Device, RGB Controller, or RGB & Fan Controller support?

The RGB controllers included with select NZXT cases will only support a maximum of 40 LEDs per channel with a maximum of 120 LEDs combined across all channels.  It is recommended to check the product page for the RGB products you are looking to install in your system to confirm their total number of LEDs.  Some devices such as the NZXT RGB Underglow kit use a large number of LEDs and should be connected to their own dedicated channel.

Can the Smart Device V2 support AER RGB 2 Fans?

Yes!  The Smart Device V2 will both support AER RGB 2 fans.  Please note however that if you are adding AER RGB 2 fans to a system with a Smart Device V2 that you cannot add both the AER RGB 2 fans and the pre-installed RGB strips to the same channel, as this can cause a malfunction and cause one or both devices to not properly detect.

Each channel on the Smart Device V2 will support a maximum of 5 Aer RGB 2 fans per RGB channel.

The F_Panel cable does not fit into my Motherboard, am I missing something?

All NZXT H-series cases utilize the unified F_PANEL header design which allows for easy installation of the front panel connector with most motherboards.  Some older motherboards however may still use a proprietary or outdated front panel design that is not compatible with the unified F_PANEL cable and breakout adapter may be necessary.  For more information, please check out our support article for the H-Series Breakout Cable here:

NZXT Support - H-Series Breakout Cable

Please note, due to limited inventory we are only able to provide this cable to users with motherboards that are confirmed to be incompatible with the unified F_PANEL connector while still within warranty.

How do I vertically mount my GPU with the H710i, H510i, or H510 Elite?

The H710i, H510i, and H510 Elite cases all will include an integrated vertical GPU mount with support for cards up to 2 slots in width.  Please note, you will need to purchase an additional PCIe Riser cable in order to connect your vertically mounted GPU such as the NZXT PCIe Riser Cable.

Is the legacy H-Series compatible with the NZXT Vertical GPU mounting kit?

The newer Vertical GPU Mounting Kit is not compatible with our legacy H-Series cases due to the braces dividing each PCIe slot on the rear of the PC.

Are the AER Trim for AER Fans compatible with the stock case fans?

Unfortunately, the AER Trim kit is only compatible with the non-case versions of the AER P and AER F fans.

More information on the AER series can be found here:  NZXT.com - AER Series

Do you have any questions not covered by this FAQ?  Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team or join the Official NZXT Community Discord to keep up to date on our latest products, upcoming sales, and join in on discussions on everything from PC hardware to gaming.

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