How do I control the RGB lighting on my NZXT Gaming PC?

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A feature of many Gaming PCs that allows a user to express their own unique self is the ability to customize the PC to your liking, with RGB Lighting being one of the easiest options available.  This article will go through the basics of customizing the RGB lighting on your Gaming PC.



NZXT CAM is our one-stop software for controlling all of your NZXT hardware including RGB Fans connected via a supported RGB Controller, as well as our NZXT Coolers.  To control a connected NZXT CAM powered device, click the Lighting option on the left sidebar to get a list of all compatible hardware detected on your PC.  Click the dropdown next to each detected part to see various effects, or click the product panel to expand additional customization options.

Other Lighting Software

Depending on the hardware included in your PC, you may need to install additional lighting software to control the lighting in your PC.  Below is a list of the common RGB software that is used for the hardware included in our gaming PCs.

Manufacturer Software


ASRock RGB Sync (Polychrome Sync)
For Download:  See the manufacturer's product page.


Armoury Crate

G.Skill (RAM Only)

Trident Z Lighting Control

Gigabyte (Intel Z690/B660 and newer, AMD X670/B550 and newer)

Gigabyte Control Center
Gigabyte (older platforms) Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0
Lian Li (Strimmer RGB Cables)



MSI Center

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