NZXT H7 Series FAQ

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This FAQ covers the updated NZXT H7 case released in 2024.  For information on the previous H7 case released in 2022, please see the article here:

How do I control the RGB fan included with the H7 Flow RGB?

The F360 RGB Core Fan (Case Version) included with the H7 Flow RGB will include a split cable to connect to either a 3-pin 5V Addressable RGB Header on your motherboard or a 4-pin NZXT RGB header like those found on our N Series motherboards as well as the RGB & Fan Controller.

When connecting the included F360 RGB fan, please be sure to only use one of the two RGB connectors, as plugging in both can cause severe damage to the fan or your PC.

If the fan is connected using the 5V Addressable RGB connector, the fan will be controlled as a generic 5V Addressable RGB device in your motherboard's control software.  If the fan is connected using the 4-pin NZXT RGB connector, it will be controllable through the NZXT CAM software in the Lighting section.

Do not plug the included 4-pin NZXT RGB connector to 12V RGB.  Connecting any NZXT devices to 12V RGB can result in irreparable damage to the device.

How many fans does the H7 Flow support?

The H7 Flow supports the following fan sizes:

Front: Three (3) 120mm or Three (3) 140mm

Top: Three (3) 120mm or Two (2) 140mm

Rear: One (1) 120mm or One (1) 140mm

Bottom: Three (3) 120mm

What radiator sizes does the H7 Flow support?

The H7 Flow is one of our most spacious cases to date, offering support for various radiator sizes for both closed loop AIO cooling and open loop custom liquid cooling for those looking to create a truly unique PC.  Out of the box, the H7 Flow will support the following radiator sizes:

Top: Up to 360mm (120mm base) or Up to 280mm (140mm base)

Front: Up to 360mm (120mm base) or Up to 420mm (140mm base)

Rear: Up to 120mm or Up to 140mm

As a note for top-mounted radiators:  The maximum recommended thickness for the radiator + fans is 57mm.  While thicker combinations may work, you may experience clearance issues with heatsinks or RAM.

What is the maximum air cooler height for the H7 Flow?

The H7 Flow supports coolers up to 185mm in height.

What is the maximum GPU length for the H7 Flow?

The H7 Flow supports GPUs up to 410mm in length, however this may be reduced when using a front-mounted radiator.  For more information, please refer to your cooler's specifications or user's manual.  Most standard radiators will measure between 27-30mm in thickness.

My microphone does not work with the 3.5mm audio port, but my headphones work fine.  How do I fix this?

The 3.5mm Headset jack at the top of the case is a "combo" port made to work with any 3.5mm headset using the CTIA standard as well as most standard 3.5mm headphones.  If you are having issues with a connected microphone from your headset connected to this port and that the Input Device is set properly in the Windows sound settings.

If you are getting loud or excessive static, the Default Format may be set too high for the microphone.  The most compatible formats are:

  • 1 or 2 channel, 24 bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality)
  • 1 or 2 channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality)

If the Mic is entirely unresponsive, check the model information for the headset to confirm it uses the CTIA standard.  Some headsets may use the less common OMTP standard which is not compatible with the combo port.

Does the H7 Flow support E-ATX motherboards?

The H7 Flow does support E-ATX motherboards up to 10.9 inches in width.  Please note, to install an E-ATX motherboard you will need to remove the included cable bar.

Is the H7 Flow compatible with the NZXT Vertical GPU Mounting Kit?

The H7 Flow is not officially compatible with the NZXT Vertical GPU Mounting Kit (AB-RH175-W1 or AB-RH175-B1).  When using the Vertical GPU Mounting Kit in the H7 Flow, there will be a 1-2mm gap in the screw mount that will prevent a secure connection to the case.

Do you have any questions not covered by this FAQ?  Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team or join the Official NZXT Community Discord to keep up to date on our latest products, upcoming sales, and join in on discussions on everything from PC hardware to gaming.

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