NZXT PSU Cable Compatibility

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With the launch of our updated PSUs in 2021 came a major change in compatibility with our PSU cables.  Due to changes in our manufacturing process, the cables used on the previous generation C and E Series Power Supplies released in 2019 (models starting in NP) are not compatible with the cables used on the refreshed C series released starting in 2021 with our C Series Bronze Power Supplies (models numbers starting in PA).

How do I know if my cables are compatible?

The best way to tell which cables will be compatible with your PSU is to check the model printed on the PSU's safety label.


Is it safe to use 1st generation cables with 2nd generation PSUs and vice-versa?

Please do not attempt to use 1st generation compatible cables with 2nd generation PSUs or vice-versa.  These cables are not pin-compatible and the use of 1st generation cables with a 2nd generation PSU can result in damage to your system, fire, or severe injury.

What third-party cable replacements are compatible with my PSU?

Third-party cable replacements, also known as custom cables are an option used by many builders when it comes to further customizing your PC to meet your aesthetic wants and needs.  These come in a variety of styles with the most common being paracord or nylon which may be dyed to match a certain color profile.

First generation C and E series PSUs with starting with NP- in their model number were manufactured in partnership with Seasonic and are compatible with cable kits for the Seasonic Focus GX series power supplies.

For second generation C series power supplies, there are currently no known cross-compatible third party cables for these PSUs. 

An alternative to cable replacements for many users is to use cable extensions which connect to the end of the PSU cable and add a length of sleeved cable to the pre-existing cable.

Is it safe to use third-party cable replacements or extensions?

So long as properly compatible cables are used, there should be little risk to using third-party cable replacements with most power supplies.  Please do keep in mind however that due to tolerances in various manufacturing processes, these cables may not be of the same quality as the official cables included with the NZXT PSU.

Are third-party cable replacements or extensions covered under the NZXT warranty?

Due to varying quality control practices used by different third-party cable manufacturers, please note that the NZXT Warranty does not cover issues caused by third party cable replacements or extensions.  If you experience an issue caused by third party cable replacements or extensions, please reach out to the manufacturer of the cables/extensions for further assistance.

Does NZXT offer first-party sleeved cables?

At this time, NZXT does not offer official first-party sleeved cables for the C and E series power supplies.

Does NZXT provide a pinout for their PSUs?

Currently we only offer a pinout for the newer 2nd generation (PA- model) C Series PSUs.  A full copy of the pinout can be found below:

The above pinout applies to all C-Series PSUs with a model# starting in PA-:

Model Name Model#

NZXT C550 Bronze (2021)


NZXT C650 Bronze (2021)


NZXT C750 Bronze (2021)


NZXT C750 Gold (2022)


NZXT C750 Gold (2022)


NZXT C850 Gold (2022)


NZXT C1000 Gold (2022)


NZXT C1200 Gold (2023)


NZXT C750 SFF (Included with H1 V2)



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