Why is my H7 Elite case different?

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In early 2022, we launched our long awaited update to our Mid-tower PC case options with the H7, H7 Flow, and H7 Elite.

Fast forward a year later and the H7 line has been expanded to also include the H7 Flow RGB, but you may have also noticed a change with the H7 Elite.  This article will help explain the differences between the original H7 Elite (CM-H71Ex-01) and the updated 2023 model (CM-H71Ex-02).

What’s changed with the H7 Elite?


The H7 Elite (2023) and the H7 Elite (2022)

With our 2023 refresh of the H7 Elite, the first thing you’ll likely notice is that the fans have changed from the previous F140 RGB 140mm fans to the new F140 RGB Core 140mm fans.  Rather than the familiar RGB ring found on the F140 RGB fans, these fans will instead be lit from the core hub of the fan and radiate light throughout the fan blades.


You may also notice upon loading the CAM software for the first time or during the build that the included controller for the fans has changed as well.  Instead of the RGB & Fan Controller V2 included with the previous iteration of the case, the H7 Elite will now include the same 3-channel RGB controller found on the H5 Elite case we launched following the H7.


With these changes however, you may also notice a bit of a price difference.

  • H7 Elite (2022) (CM-H71Ex-01) MSRP:  $199.99 USD
  • H7 Elite (2023) (CM-H7Ex-02) MSRP:  $179.99 USD

I purchased the H7 Elite expecting the original version, but received the updated version instead.  Can I exchange this or get the original fans/controller?

If you purchased the H7 Elite from an authorized retailer that was listed as the original 2022 version and instead received the 2023 version, we would suggest reaching out to the retailer for an exchange or refund.

We will unfortunately not be able to provide the original fans or controller for the H7 Elite as a warranty replacement, however these parts are available as a separate purchase through our website.

In particular, to change the H7 Elite 2023 to match the H7 Elite 2022, you’ll need the following:

Why does the website still show the H7 Elite (2022)?

If the website is still showing the H7 Elite (2022) as available for purchase with the original F140 RGB fans, this means that we still have this case available for shipping within your region.  Once we have depleted our inventory of these cases, expect to see a transition over to the updated 2023 case on the website.

Where can I find the manual for the H7 Elite (2023)?

If you purchased the H7 Elite (2023) and do not have the original manual, you can download a copy of the manual from the link below:

NZXT Support - H7 Elite (2023) User’s Manual

Do you have any questions not covered by this guide or need further assistance?  Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team and one of our friendly support agents will be there to assist you.

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