Aer RGB 2 Series FAQ

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Can I have multiple Aer RGB 2 fans installed in my PC?

Yes, the beauty of the Aer RGB 2 fans is the ability to easily include multiple in your PC through the use of the included In and Out ports for daisy-chaining RGB connections.  It is worth keeping in mind however that you'll want to not only consider the number of NZXT RGB ports within your PC, but also the number of available fan connections.

If you need additional NZXT RGB ports or fan connections, you may need to add an additional controller such as our NZXT RGB & Fan Controller.

Can you daisy-chain third party (non-NZXT) RGB fans with the Aer RGB 2 fans?

Due to the proprietary NZXT RGB connection used for the Aer RGB 2 fans, you cannot daisy-chain third party RGB fans or devices to the Aer RGB 2 fans.

How many Aer RGB 2 fans can I daisy-chain together?

Each NZXT RGB port will support a maximum of 40 individual LEDs.  Because each Aer RGB 2 fan contains 8 LEDs, this means each NZXT RGB port will support a maximum of 5 Aer RGB 2 fans.  Please note, this number may be affected if there are any additional NZXT RGB devices connected to the same port, or devices connected to the same controller.  Each NZXT RGB Controller supports a maximum of 120 LEDs.

Is an NZXT RGB Controller required for my Aer RGB 2 fans?

All NZXT Aer RGB 2 Fans use a proprietary NZXT RGB connection and are only compatible with approved NZXT RGB Version 2 or newer controllers.  These controllers include:

  • The Smart Device V2 included in select NZXT cases:
  • The NZXT RGB & Fan Controller (V1 and V2)
    • V1 Controller included with Aer RGB 2 Multi-packs
    • V2 Controller included with the H7 Elite (2022) and H9 Elite
  • The NZXT RGB Controller included with select NZXT products
  • NZXT RGB Headers found on NZXT N5 and N7 motherboards
  • The RGB Out header found on Kraken X3 and Z3 series coolers

NZXT Aer RGB 2 fans are not compatible with 12V RGB or 5V Addressable RGB headers, connecting the Aer RGB 2 fans to these ports can result in permanent damage to the fans and/or RGB headers that is not covered under the product warranty.

What changed between the Aer RGB and Aer RGB 2 fans?

While the motor and fan blade design are unchanged from the previous generation, the updated Aer RGB 2 fans include an updated RGB controller which unlocks the ability to use new RGB effect modes.


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