H710 Series FAQ

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Does the H710 series support EATX motherboards wider than 10.7 inches?

The H710 series of cases only supports EATX motherboards up to 10.7 inches in width.  You may be able to install wider motherboards by removing the included cable bar, however this may negatively affect the aesthetics of the case and remove some cable management options such as tie-downs that are part of the cable bar.

What length PCIe Riser Cable should I use to vertical mount a GPU in the H710i?

It is recommended to use a riser cable with a minimum length of 200mm with a right-angle connector.  While you can use a straight connector with the case, it may not look the cleanest when the system is assembled.

If you are looking for a recommendation, the NZXT PCIe Riser Cable is an excellent choice that not only meets these requirements, but also provides PCIe 4.0 compatibility.

Can the Aer Trim be installed on the included fans?

The fans included with the H710 and H710i are Case Edition fans.  While performing similar to our standard Aer F fans, the Case Edition fans do not include the ability to swap the external trim and are not compatible with the Aer Trim kit.

Do I need a USB 3.1 Gen 2 connector to be able to use the USB Type-C port on the top of the case?

All NZXT cases with an external USB Type-C connector will require a USB 3.1 Gen 2 connector on the motherboard.  While there are adapters that exist to allow you to convert a Gen 2 cable to work with a Gen 1 connector, we do not recommend the use of these adapters as they can lead to compatibility or reliability issues.

Can I install two 360mm radiators at the same time in the H710 series?

Yes!  This has actually been tested with our Kraken series AIOs, however do keep in mind that not all radiators are built the same and you may run into compatibility issues with thicker or longer radiators.

Does the Smart Device V2 included with the H710i require the NZXT CAM software to work?

The Smart Device V2 is the included RGB & Fan Controller for the H710i and does require the latest version of the NZXT CAM software in order to unlock full control of the case's features.  The controller will run with default settings without the CAM software installed, including white LEDs and running the fans at a safe static setting.

It is highly recommended to install the latest version of NZXT CAM in order to unlock the full potential of the H710i.

What is the maximum GPU thickness when vertical mounting in the H710i?

Due to potential airflow restrictions, we only recommend using a two-slot or thinner card when vertical mounting in the H710i.


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